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  1. Re: Michael Palmer mini mating nuc division board feeder

    I have made division board feeders and while they are a little different than Mike's I believe that the concept is the same. I use Luan plywood and regular SPF boards ripped on a table saw to my...
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    Re: Cold Climate Northern Bees Nucs

    Adrian's referral to the Northern Bee Network is a good one. I have perused this site a bit. Not all sellers are northern raised. They generally have good info it you go the vendors link.
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    Re: Bees taking cracked corn back to hive

    I saw the same thing as Michael in some of my nucs this spring and scratched my head trying to figure out how the heck they carried those hard smooth millet seeds back to the hive.
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    Re: commercial level TF


    Curious if you winter in MN or are Migratory? If you have figured out a system for wintering successfully here in MN the brood break that our months of winter provides is an advantage...
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    Re: Smoker Frustration!

    Dadant +3.

    Anyone seeing a trend here???
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    Re: Slatted Racks?

    You do need a 2" solid bottom board to use with them, and an added feature is bottom
    feeding with little to no robbing, just pull out the rack and feed from the bottom by reducing or closing off...
  7. Re: Small scale indoor wintering. Is anyone doing it?

    The temp slightly below freezing is what I recall from the small mammal article.
  8. Re: Small scale indoor wintering. Is anyone doing it?

    Interesting read. It made me recall an article I read in ABJ a while back about wintering singles outdoors in Saskatchewan (SK). The link to the article is:
  9. Thread: First Cutout

    by northbee

    Re: First Cutout

    Hey Bsquad,

    I do bee removal work in the twin cities metro and would be willing to advise on the removal you are attempting. You can PM me or find my phone number on bees on the net under...
  10. Re: Uncapping and cappings processing options for sideliners


    My wife likes to make salves and lotions with our cappings wax and I realize that the cappings from a cappings scratcher are really easy to clean/rinse and yield a product that is very...
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    Re: Do Bee Weaver bees winter well


    My beeyards are in the twin cities metro area.

    I wintered two queens that I bought from beeweaver last summer and four daughter nucs. All made it through the mild winter in...
  12. Re: Problem with Trap-out - entrance is around some pipes!

    You might be able to use some thin sheet goods (masonite, 1/4 " plywood) as a substrate to fasten screen to. take your pieces of sheet goods and slide them behind the refridgerant lines and...
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    Re: Happened upon a Feral Hive today.

    There are often queen cups/cells left over from past seasons. Check back in 4-5 days and if you see eggs still you are in the clear. 6 frames is a decent number for this time of year for our area. ...
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    Re: Cheesewire 18" long with wooden handles.

    Hi Adrian,

    they are probably doing this partly because bee space is a little bigger than they want. I have run hive bodies and supers through a tablesaw to take off the extra wood I didn't...
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    Re: Giving Bees Away

    I'm not the brightest beekeeper unfortunately. It is amazing that we're in our 3rd year and the little buzzies have survived under my care this long. I think they talk about me behind my back and...
  16. Re: Winter Survival Musings - year to year variability and how are yours doing?

    Adrian, I will keep you posted about the meeting in April. I am going to learn more about the MDA splitters method. I have been reading alot about sustainable beekeeping on beesource.

  17. Re: Winter Survival Musings - year to year variability and how are yours doing?


    That is good to hear of your success. Where have you aqquired your bees from?
    Do you attend the Hobby Beekeepers meeting in St Paul every month? I unfortunately have not been...
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    Re: Honey Glow Farm, Owen,Wi.

    I totally agree with everything that all of you have said. I ordered two booster packages last spring that they shook from their own hives. I arrive pretty late to find them waiting with pop and...
  19. Re: Winter Survival Musings - year to year variability and how are yours doing?

    Hey Adrian,

    How are your bees doing so far. I have had some losses and moved some honey that was left in the losses to hives/nucs that seemed lite. That was in the beginning of Feb and I...
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    Poll: Re: Winter 2011/2012 deadout Poll.

    4 dead out of 14 with 8+ weeks left.

    One was an overwintered swarm from '10 that produced a crop but went down hard to mites in the fall.

    another was a swarm from the same bee tree as...
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    Re: New from Rogers, MN

    Welcome JAmeine!

    Best of luck with your new adventures. The u of m is a great resource and you should joing the MN Hobby beekeepers club if you have not already.

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    Re: What kind/ size fence charger ??

    Vance G,

    Where can you get a hold of the state of MN recommendations.

    Thanks, Yuuki
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    Re: Happened upon a Feral Hive today.

    I would suggest placing the hive upright on a wooden base. bracing to make certain it does not fall over. a lid of plywood to keep weather out. Some 1/2" hardware cloth to keep mice out. It they...
  24. Re: Purdue university study confirms neonicotinoids on maize killing honeybees

    I will be very interested to see the long term health of the hives I have surrounded by corn and beans (also treated for the most part I believe) in southern MN. I have also caught swarms in this...
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    Re: Dadant 20 Frame Extractor

    Thanks for the insights so far. I am going to keep looking and hopefully I can find some beekeepers in my area that have some of these models for me to look at.

    It seems that there are pros and...
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