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    Re: Good grief hive armageddon this morning!

    Multiply that by 10 for me. All 10 of my hives looked exactly like that, the prob being, I was out of town when it all happened. So by the time I got back, figured to late for a test. Looking back,...
  2. Re: Bees in the news: Swarm on plane's wing delays flight

    hey wildbeekeeper, how about giving my bees back LOL sitting here watching another one coming that way 40 feet up a tree and prolly headin to the tarmac.
  3. Re: Bees hanging around entrance moving back and forth. What's up?

    washboarding, perfectly normal
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    Looks like pesticide

    After being out of town for a week and coming home to rain (we needed it) I got a chance to cut the grass late yesterday evening. While about 20 ft. from my hives, I smelled something dead, figured...
  5. Re: Anybody ever try a consulting/mentoring service?

    Rather-b-beekeeping, why not give it a go? You don't have to charge an arm and a leg, just enough to make it help pay for beekeeping plus if they willing to pay, they need and appreciate the help.
  6. Re: bees atop New York Cityís Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

    Thanks hawks00, this is the kind of stuff I like to send friends who think its crazy to have bees in backyard.
  7. Is there psychiatric help for hobby beeks?

    Its official, I have gone over the edge. I just finished cutting 1/3 of my 2 acres, leaving 1/3 of my yard 1 1/2weeks since last cut, and 1/3 about 5 days since last cut. Why? To make sure there is...
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    Re: Hello, I'm Rick, and I kill Bees

    Funny, I have been pondering the same: to mow or not to mow, that is the question. whether nobler to suffer the..... hmmm wrong quote, but close enough, my answer, don't mow (funny how that was OK...
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    Re: Russell no more...what a shame!!!

    What did I miss? Is he out of business? I saw he had weather problems, but said he just needed up to 45 days. I ordered 2 queens from him a month ago, and other than them taking my money, have not...
  10. Re: stong queenless with nuc newspaper combine

    My fear was that this 2 deep hive loaded with bees would just kill all of the bees and queen from the nuc, but I guess you are saying its ok.
  11. stong queenless with nuc newspaper combine

    Is it ok to newspaper combine a small queen right nuc, with a 2 deep strong queenless hive? Apparently lost my queen from a very strong hive which has gotten very hot and I have a nuc but I just...
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    Re: no eggs yet?

    I would say about soccerball size.
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    no eggs yet?

    Caught a swarm 4/26/12 and put them in a nuc. Checked today, no eggs or larva but they are loading up on nectar, bringing in pollen and are not mean. I'm terrible at finding a queen. Kind of hard to...
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    Re: honey in swarm traps?

    LOL well, its a moot point now. While setting up to put up my traps, I went out and saw bees everywhere and saw them gathering in a wild honeysuckle that i had caught a swarm last yr. By the time I...
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    honey in swarm traps?

    I am putting up a couple used 5 frame nucs for swarm traps and was going to put in a frame of honey along with 2 frames of comb frames and 2 wax coated plastic foundation frames. Is it wise to use...
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    Re: It didnít work well for me.

    One thing I learned when using the triangle escape method. Make sure you have no openings above the triangle. After putting on my triangle escape board, I put on the honey super and on top of that, a...
  17. Re: fall inspection, not likeing what found, need some advice please

    Thanks Vance, I was wondering about puting super under, will give that a go. Great idea about using the excluder. All I saw was some young larva, but not much. My old eyes have kept me from seeing...
  18. Re: fall inspection, not likeing what found, need some advice please

    yes, I took a super because at that time, the hive was in great shape with stores (as I stated in OP) I also left a super on with probably at that time, was 30% full. If you put a package in hive...
  19. Re: fall inspection, not likeing what found, need some advice please

    I figured not enough stores for winter, and started feeding today, but I was wondering with so many empty frames on bottom deep, if I shoud move some frames around, but I guess I will feed and see...
  20. fall inspection, not likeing what found, need some advice please

    Opened up one hive for good fall inspection. This is a first year hive, 10 frame, 2 deeps and one med super on it now. This hive went gang busters and we actually got a super of honey from after the...
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    Re: Mead Making Question

    First of all, let me make it clear, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MAKING MEAD, but, I was looking into it and saw this in a wine/beer supply site. Hope its helpful.

    You can sweeten your Mead by adding...
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    Re: feeding and newspaper combine

    Thanks everyone, thats what i had planned, but as my name indicates, I sometimes overthink
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    feeding and newspaper combine

    I am going to do a newspaper combine, with a small swarm I got that never took off and have started feeding 2 weeks ago, with a hive that has recently become depleted and queenless (not really sure...
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    Re: Is it horrible to

    I'm a newbee, and this question is to learn also, but if you feel certain the hive will not make it thru the winter, why not requeen now? From what I have been told, going into winter, bees are more...
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    Re: Rookie mistake

    Only my second year, but it hasn't been a problem. Doesn't really take that long to take off a super or two. Pros take hundreds of supers of in yards with no problems. You will be fine, I'm sure.
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