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  1. Re: Did we miss tulip poplar this year?

    Had good tulip poplar and black locust flows this year.
  2. Re: Building a simple solar wax melter

    I made a similar solar wax melter using some scrap stainless steel.

    Here are links to the first run (cut and drain wax) still photo and short video:
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    Re: PF-120 foundation

    I cut out sections of PF-105 with a bandsaw for the handmade frames in my box hive project. The results have been great. I like the way everything stands out against the black!
  4. Re: 5-Gal Water Bottle Extension Swarm Catcher

    They are handy for swarms in the trees. I used a plastic water bottle, PVC and aluminum.
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    Re: natrual beekeeping business

    My latest favorite book quote:

    "Natural beekeepers come in various shades of ecocentricity and apicentricity. I suggest that we keep bees in a hive that suits us and in a way that satisfies us. So...
  6. Re: Foundationless and (some) frameless honey in Santa Monica, July 16, 2012

    Each foundationless frame of fully capped honey is individually selected at the optimal time for harvest. My comb honey is hand cut and does not contain wax foundation.

    Foundationless Frame...
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