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    Re: Moving a Topbar hive in the heat....

    I moved mine last night, but only about 30 yards. They were bearding a little at 9:30pm, but I was able to coax them into the hive by gently plugging the entrances with grass.

    The branch idea in...
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    Re: Horizontal Theory

    Neat discussion.

    FWIW, until Michael can reply, here's a link to his site that goes into a bit more detail about SantaFe's questions:

  3. Re: Seeking Advice On Removing Chopped Nuc Frames

    The chop/crop experience was a real drag, personally. I had to go that route because all the packages had sold out in my area before I even built my hive. But I found someone selling nucs on...
  4. Re: Seeking Advice On Removing Chopped Nuc Frames

    My bad. Shannon has it right though. The "nucs/chopped nucs" are from a traditional Lang 5 frame nuc I bought to get started.

    I added "shims/spacers" to the chopped Lang/nuc bars, and these also...
  5. Re: Introduction and ??'s: Nosema? Growing Pains? Trach Mites?

    No harm no foul. :)

    An inspection would have helped. Mostly weather had been preventing me at that point, and the bees had been in the hive just over a week. But there was also a little bit of...
  6. Seeking Advice On Removing Chopped Nuc Frames

    I know this was touched on in a recent thread, but I'm looking for any more thoughts/directions/advice. Here are my current details:

    -Installed 4 chopped nuc frames on June 1.

    -Here's the...
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    Re: Hole in Follower Board

    Nice thread. A little OT, but related: Would now be a good time for me to pull my follower board?

    I chopped/cropped 4 nuc frames on June 1, and the bees appear to have fully drawn 4 TBs, and 2...
  8. Thread: Washboarding

    by Tracer

    Re: Washboarding

    As a newbie, I found this really helpful. It led me to some online videos and links that helped me see that some of my bees are also doing this. 3-5 will gather on the landing board and move back...
  9. Thread: ants and mites

    by Tracer

    Re: ants and mites

    I am very new at this, and have no experience with mite treatment other than trying to powder sugar dust the bees during my first inspection last week.

    However, I did have small ants make a trail...
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    Re: Starting a TBH in mid July???

    If you can find a nuc in your area, I would recommend that as well. As noted by RAFAEL above, you need to configure the nuc frames to fit in your TBH, but it's doable. It's called Chop & Crop, and...
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    Re: Saw Buck Base

    I'm lovin' all these TBH designs. The barrels got me wondering about the feasibility of using a 4 ft long +/- tree trunk, ripped in half and hollowed/dug out. Diameter might need to be around 30...
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    Re: hTBH High Entrance & Sealed Floor (Sweden)

    I am enjoying your posts and following your progress. I started my own TBH just two weeks ago and I am learning a lot too. I also share much of your interests in sutainable living (lasagna...
  13. Introduction and ??'s: Nosema? Growing Pains? Trach Mites?

    Greetings, and let me start by saying thanks up front for a great forum with everyone's insights, curiosity, hard work, willingness to help, etc., etc. I am brand new to beekeeping and fell in love...
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