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  1. Re: I am right on target for overwinter weight!

    I am using modified mediums with shims to do the fact I could not get some one to provide me a nuc with medium frames. I also left a few medium suppers of honey on both of them. This is my first year...
  2. I am right on target for overwinter weight!

    I was entering my information in to the free version of Hive tracks and on and on 9/05/14 I was 114 lbs for my Italians and a 103 lbs for my Carniola. Well as of last tuesday I am at 135lbs for the...
  3. Re: New beekeeper preparing for spring

    I have enjoyed this book a lot for building some of my own gear...
  4. Re: Electrical help: Using car battery charger as power supply for OAV.

    I use jumper cables off my truck so I dont have to pull in too close.
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    Re: FGMO fogger for varroa

    Have you tried the search button yet. Use the Advanced Search feature and search by "search titles only" then type in what you are looking for.
  6. Re: Why a nuc instead of a full colony?

    do you just use following boards to fill in the extra space, if you do let’s say a 5 frame nuc for starters in a 8 frame medium?
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    Re: First state bee inspection

    If you are curious come spring.

    Dont forget they will also pull Diploid drones but as you said these were workers..Pretty cool.
  8. Re: Have you ever proselytized for beekeeping?

    You think buying sugar can cause a strange conversations... Just think of the ones you can have if you ever had to tell them the reason you are buying ether or iso-alcohol or wood bleach for your...
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    Re: Have you tried Hopguard?

    I just got done last week using the old hopgurad and my ether roll count on two hives went from 2.5 to 3% on one hive and 2% to 0 on my other hive. I might try the new stuff later but plan on going...
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    Re: Sticky board glue

    vaseline and a mineral oil mix. Works well for me.
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    Re: Foundation or not?

    I went with foundationless this year as a new beek and I got to be honest with ya. I made sure my boxes were level and I am using all mediums. My Italians loved the stuff I would say 80-90 percent of...
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    Re: Is it necessary to get stung?

    And if someone who does not know if they are allergic to bee stings comes to your home and gets stung….I wish you the best.:lookout:
    A lot of people don’t even know their own blood type let alone if...
  13. Re: Robbing - Cause and how to Prevent and Mitigate

    feeding inside the hive and at sunset and controlling entrance size has worked for far
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    Re: Should I be feeding in Ohio?

    of a baggie feeder
  15. Re: Keeping moisture out of hives?
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    Re: Mann Lake's Pro Winter Patties

    well I emailed Mann lake and here was the out come.

    Message Body:
    Order number: 163527
    Placed: 07/14/2014 18:51:06 EDT
    I received my order in the mail and opened the box labeled Pro Winter...
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    Re: I'm really new. How new....

    I am new too! I will be going in to my first winter this year. I think there are a few members from NC on here. I would recommend getting or borrowing a suit and ask to help them work their hives. I...
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    Re: Mann Lake's Pro Winter Patties

    I will take a closer look at it but I think it is one block.!productInfo/1/
    now they say.

    Sorry, Pro Winter patties are...
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    Re: Mann Lake's Pro Winter Patties

    any one??
  20. Wow...just awsome works of art.

    stumbled on to this by accident while surfing the web. I don’t have the words to express the beauty in this profile!

    My favorite of the bunch!...
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    Mann Lake's Pro Winter Patties

    So at the last bee meeting I was at, the state apiarist said that they have been having a lot of success with overwinter bees using winter patties. So I got on Mann Lake's website and ordered what I...
  22. Re: Thanks to y'all, I stopped robbing FAST!

    you can use Vitamin C instead of vinegar. It will help you get the ph closer to that of nectar and help with spoilage. If you do some searching you will find Michael talking about it as well as a guy...
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    Re: Most useful gadgets

    These work pretty good and for the price they can’t be beat. They spread the powder well enough that I have never gotten any piles...
  24. Re: red and orange liquid on the rear legs of a a bee or two

  25. Re: red and orange liquid on the rear legs of a a bee or two

    it stuck out like a marked queeen, other wise I would not of had noticed it.
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