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    Re: Pseudo Name on Bee Source

    My name is Beverly and over the years I had a few friends call me Bevy. So, got bees, then thought it would be a good name with a bit of a play on the word "bevy" with honeybees. It's the name I use...
  2. Re: How about some procedural input for collecting honey

    With today's heavy rains and more to come, Orange bloom is probably done. Each hive is 1 deep, correct? I am in Lehigh also, and what I see now is a big build up of brood and it seems much of the...
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    Re: Smooth Creamy Honey?

    I now use the coarse crystallized honey for face scrub, for myself and also started selling it in cosmetic jars. It's not a big seller but they do sell, and the women who buy it are pretty excited...
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    Re: Your toolbox

    I bought this last fall for myself as a birthday present. All kinds of compartments where I can find things quickly. Outside pockets for rubber bands (I don't use foundation) and baggies with ready...
  5. Re: My 9-year-old retrieving rather large swarm - takes hit to forehead

    That was my thought too as I watched the video, the bees leaving either at that time or later. I had a situation like yours and I ran something along the tree branch at the base of the swarm to try...
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    Funniest bee question ever asked

    At work yesterday one of our supervisors stopped to ask me a question about bees. She said, "now…do you release your bees this time of year so they can fly north for the summer???" After I blubbered...
  7. Re: My 9-year-old retrieving rather large swarm - takes hit to forehead

    What a fantastic video to start my day! Great job Marshall!
    I tried getting my grandson (now 11) interested in bees but it's not happening. The grandgirls either.

    We had a few swarms in my area...
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    Re: WooHoo, got our Nuc today!!

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    Re: Coleman cooler swarm trap/nuc

    Using these for bait boxes (and honey frame collection) is a great idea. Light weight, handles, easy close up when you want to move the bees after they move in, to find out if the bees...
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    Re: Help newbie select suits

    Here in South Florida elastic doesn't hold up well. My Ultrabreeze has Velcro wrists which I like much more than elastic. I have several jackets, different sizes. The ventilated jackets are the best....
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    Re: Migratory covers

    I also use plywood on many of my hives. Make sure you don't get too thin--I can't remember the ply I've used, I can check. I put 3 coats of primer paint on top and sides. I seem to have more problems...
  12. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow"

    After reading all the posts, I think it sounds incredible, and extremely possible. I am excited because I often worry about what happens when I get too old to lift hives/supers (when I go back to...
  13. Re: What is the dial on the front of the Swarm Bait box?

    The discs work great. Just make sure you turn very quickly to the closed setting when ready to move the bees. Otherwise you find out they also work as guillotine...experience :(
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    my first 2015 swarm

    Yesterday I brought home a super of honey from one of my country hives as I want to extract any full frames left over from fall and get the empty frames back out in the country for the orange blossom...
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    Re: Wax Melter Question

    I haven't tried plexiglass for mine but what I can tell you is that if you go with glass, make sure there is no green tinting in it. My original glass broke also, and I went with shelving glass...
  16. Thread: Totes

    by bevy's honeybees

    Re: Totes

    Not sure this will help...
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    Re: Hard work during winter

    Looks like orientation flight. Are they spiraling up above the hive when this is going on? I have a backyard hive that looked just like this, early morning and later afternoon and at first I thought...
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    Re: Swarm Trap

    I too did the DCoats nuks with foundationless frames, and one drawn if I have it. My sweetie put them together in no time and the disturbance to the bees once they move in is very minimal. Close...
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    Re: healing honey

    That is great healing mlmihfried. Did you use honey only on the wound? How often did you change the dressing?

    A coworker of mine started her dog on a daily dose of honey eaten on a piece of bread...
  20. Re: Where does everyone buy their bees in florida?

    Have you checked Craigslist? From time to time local people post bees for sale. Or go to a local meeting and ask. The SWFL beekeepers association meets either 2nd or 3rd Wednesday, I can't remember...
  21. Re: Paramount Farms buys out Headwater Honey (David Mendes)

    Corporate honeybees. hmmm.

    I heard the same thing about Mendes bees, about them being mean. He has a good reputation in my area (Fort Myers).
  22. Re: How many if you place a swarm trap or two in your bee yard?

    I keep an empty hive box or two at yards and it's only a matter of time for a swarm to move in. I bait it but leave it set up where I don't have to move it once the bees move in.
    I also have bait...
  23. Re: Walter Kelley single frame observation hive

    I understand the nails, did it and it worked great. I did not have the problem this time of frame messing up the plexiglass.

    The 4H event went well. Our only problem was the weather! In the...
  24. Re: Walter Kelley single frame observation hive

    You mean on top of the frame once it's in?

    Cleo, I'm doing your trick this time...I didn't have time to go into the hives this morning so I will put the nails in tonight, put frame in tomorrow...
  25. Re: Walter Kelley single frame observation hive

    Thanks for the help! I think what happened with the mess was from the thicker comb hitting the plexiglass on the trip home, the rocking back and forth and I didn't notice until the next day. Drone...
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