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    Re: OAV measure by copper cap

    Measuring the medicine is easy - measuring the patient is the hard part. If precise dosage was an absolute requirement it would rarely work because of the variation in colony population and...
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    Re: Online honey sales

    I sell most of my honey to customers who found me online - many of which become repeat customers. I have an extremely simple wordpress website devoted to honey - - and I prime it...
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    Re: COmb collapsed

    A picture is worth a...
  4. Re: How much money can a beekeeper make in a year owning 100 hives?

    This year my overwintered hives - counted as of April 1 - each (on average) produced...

    .83 8 frame mediums which I sold as nucs/starter colonies
    .32 swarms (estimated)
    12.9 quarts of honey
  5. Re: freezing honey frames for extracting later

    Actually freezing honey until you are ready to extract makes all kinds of sense IF you only have a small amt and you have the freezer space.

    Freezing eliminates any risk from SHB, wax moths, or...
  6. Re: freezing honey frames for extracting later

    You want it to thaw without a lot of contact with the moisture laden air - the more air that flows across it the more water will condense on it. So just stack the frozen supers on a flat table top...
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    Re: I am at a crossroad.....I think?

    Even though your hive count has grown quickly you are probably comb poor - so I reccomend that you eliminate any poor performers and use the resources you free up to help the good ones. Or wait till...
  8. Re: freezing honey frames for extracting later

    I've also frozen honey for later extraction, and it works fine. You probably want to keep it well covered while it thaws so that condensation doesn't raise the moisture content.
  9. Re: Do you leave Frame Feeders in all the time?

    Terricox - do a google search for "bee brood" then click in the "image" link right under the address bar - this is called a google image search. Do the same thing for "capped honey" and "open...
  10. Re: Do you leave Frame Feeders in all the time?

    Odfrank - I think that not having to remove, replace, and store them will be worth losing 2 frames. As a matter of fact the combs displaced by the feeders give me the option of adding another brood...
  11. Re: Do you leave Frame Feeders in all the time?

    It's alright - I kinda thought you were talking about miller feeders from your comment.
  12. Re: Are all the bees above a QE nurse bees?

    Good advice. But to answer the question - no matter what you do all of the bees above an excluder won't be nurse bees. Most in some cases, but not all.
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    Re: Robber screens & bearding.

    No it won't prevent them from bearding.
  14. Re: Do you leave Frame Feeders in all the time?

    That's probably the thing to do right there. Without the caps they clean them out so that they are not even sticky - how about with the caps? Do they require cleaning ever?
  15. Re: Crowd or expand during the fall flow?

    A honey super full of comb or full of foundation? If comb then maybe - if foundation I would crowd them into the double deeps. Personally I would crowd them anyway.
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    Re: Question on mating nuc

    Then you aren't really wasting anything are you? I don't really know why, but my experience has been that if a mating nuc fails to "catch" twice in a row it's a lost cause. I shake them out and...
  17. Re: Bees under the hive on bottom screening. What to do?


    If there are eggs or fresh brood in the hive don't worry about it.
  18. Do you leave Frame Feeders in all the time?

    I just procured enough frame feeders to outfit all of my hives, and I would really like to leave them in the hives all the time for all around convenience sake. I guess they need to stay in the top...
  19. Re: Is this EFB? (or some other disaster)

    Based on that statement you need to feed them - and protect them from robbing. Unless they have ample stores and incoming nectar this time of year they go into some kind of survival mode to conserve...
  20. Re: Is this EFB? (or some other disaster)

    Do they have any stores in the hive? I don't see EFB, but it's hard for me to say from one picture. It looks like a hive that is stressed - being robbed, starving, too many mites maybe, possibly a...
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    Re: To feed or not to feed?

    Not as long as you avoid over feeding to the point that they backfill the brood nest. You will not make your bees lazy or anything like that. You also don't want the feed to remain in the feeder so...
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    Re: To feed or not to feed?

    You really have to do inspections to know what is going on. As long as they have plenty of room for brood more nutrition is good. My opinion >>> Hives that are malnutritioned in mid summer are more...
  23. Re: When fed syrup continuously, do bees store it?

    When I tried that the plastic bottles would sometimes collapse enough to leak lots of feed into the hives - wasteful and can set off robbing.

    You can put a quart jar with a single 1/8" hole over...
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    Re: For Sale Forum

    Forum software is available to anyone who wants to show how it should be done.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Frame spacing tool question

    Not a useless gadget! Only for use with already drawn comb in honey supers! Saves on frames, and saves time uncapping.

    Like any tool - you have to use it correctly and for the right job.
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