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  1. Thread: Fair Price?

    by burns375

    Re: Fair Price?

    good price. you'll need 2 more boxes eventually....the wood is a lower quality than most big bee supply sources. Boxes from kelleys won't have that many open knots or any knots at all. The boxes i...
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    Re: Raccoons vs. Bees

    In early spring this year. had either a skunk or a racoon partially slide out an inspection board and subsequently bit the crap out of the front of the board. That hive was pissed off for about a...
  3. Re: Bees are gone and now what to do with beehive for winter?

    If it was my hive I would go thru it, clean it up, propolis burr comb etc. Bring it inside the sun room for a few weeks until freezing weather comes, then store outside with the entrances closed...
  4. Re: They say Americans are getting grumpy about the never ending rising prices these

    i c. Honey went into more bees. So if you had to chose a foundation size for brood, would you chose anything but a full sheet do to drones? This was my experience.....
  5. Re: They say Americans are getting grumpy about the never ending rising prices these

    O so the the goal of partial foundation was for cut comb harvest.....Ignoring cut comb, using solely for brood and even perhaps extracting what would you chose?

    Ps if you don't mind me asking...
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    Re: Trying to avoid another lousy winter

    im a ltitle confused by this. Goldenrod starts blooming here in early sept, you should be early than that in new york. If you harvest the spring and summer flow in June/July then mixing feed is no...
  7. Re: They say Americans are getting grumpy about the never ending rising prices these

    Lauri. 1/2,1/3,2/3 which do you prefer and why
  8. Re: They say Americans are getting grumpy about the never ending rising prices these

    Ditto shastina. Great price with October Sale. The best i've seen at $13/deep, free shipping. I build all of my boxes overwinter. My finish product cost is about $4/deep. Of course my free...
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    Re: Should Holes Be Sealed With Wax Or Tape?

    you could cover the hole with a thin wax plug or tape. Just just about anything will work, wood shim taped in place.. The bees will seal the cracks and crevices with propolis. When I tried hive...
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    Re: Palleted double nucs

    Looking good, those are nice looking brood frames!

    Just about wrapped up feeding here, still smelling stinky fall nectar in the hives, i expect the hives to be going bonkers this weekend with warm...
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    Re: bee vacuum question

    2nd that too. If you do choose a bucket style. Make sure you roughen up the inside walls of the bucket...also give them strutcure to crawl on. If you don't do this the bees will pile up on...
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    Re: Yellow Jackets robbing hive how to stop

    If you see more than 30-50 yj's outfront of the hive, more or less robbing the hive I would do something to stop it. I doubt your problem is to that level, its not worth the time imo. Feed...
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    Re: winter feeding

    i notice a few small maggots in patties, but typically the bees consume them so quickly in the fall its not a problem. During the summer it can be a problem. I don't put on alot maybe a 4x4" sheet.
  14. Re: Stirring sugar syrup with a 4/10 Hp Submersible Sewage Pump

    i use a keg on a turkey fryer burner stand. Makes about 11-12 gallons which fits in 2 buckets.

    I don't think you need any kind of stirrer other than a stick. The key is add the sugar to...
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    Re: Russian sage is impresive

    Same here, all over it. They love the stuff.
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    Re: BTU's of honey

    the problem with what you have above is food calories are actually kilocalories. so 304 kc per 100g or 3.04kc/g or 1.2btu/g.....assuming 100% efficiency in digestion

    so 1 lb of honey is 546...
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    Re: How Cold Before SHB Die?

    the beetles and mites slow down too. They are more or less in dormancy/survival mode like the bees. The hive beetles will stay on the exterior of the cluster where the bees run them too. When the...
  18. Re: Do I have enough bees to overwinter or should I shake em?

    If they have no queen, they will collapse within 2 months. Then you can harvest the honey. If they are queen right, harvest a portion, or harvest it all and feed back syrup. Whatever you want to...
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    Re: Mike Palmer Nuc

    In my limited experience also. I would say the their prefered setup in langs is vertical. They will grow up to another box before expanding outwards.

    However will build horizontally in...
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    Re: Fall/winter feeding of syrup

    feed to a target winter weight for your area. I much prefer to feed syrup now than dry sugar.

    The comment above is right, they will eventually stop taking liquid feed once the temps drop. ...
  21. Re: California NUC''s, queens and packages vs SE US, is ther a difference?

    All of the gulf states supply the north.....florida, mississipi, alabama, texas...theres probably a difference.
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    Re: Mike Palmer Nuc

    I used 3/16" thin luan dividers tacked into place with an notched and divided inner cover as the bottom board. 5-frames per side. This was for spring mating nucs and they did very well with this...
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    Re: Mike Palmer Nuc

    4-frame nucs sized to be as wide as a 10 frame box when stacked side by side. The design is pretty simple, like any box.
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    Re: Cold nights and dead bees every morning

    Normal attrition. In warm weather the dead bodies are flown off some distance and dropped, as weather becomes cooler the bees travel less. Bees die at the greatest rate during the just...
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    Re: I'm gald to see the cooler temps

    I've fed 300lb of sugar in syrup the last 2 weeks. Robbing will always happen. You can only try to minimize it...looks alot worse than it really is. I have entrace reducers on, but open up the...
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