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  1. Heilyser Technology JB200 Electric Vaporizer & Thymol

    Organic, Synthetic-Free Options for your hives.
    Heilyser Technology JB200 Electric Vaporizer

    This vaporizer is the fastest vaporizer available and was developed for beekeepers who care for a...
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    Re: Oxalic acid application Sprayer vs Vaporizer

    Crabo we sell and use the JB200. You can check it out on our website. or look in the for sale forum on beesource.
  3. Hives stolen from Taylorstown, PA area- Please be on the look out

    3276 7 of our hives in our Taylorstown/Prosperity yard were taken between today and Friday. Possibly by someone in a black pickup. Any info you can give will be greatly appreciated! Some of our...
  4. Re: Add a frame of capped brood and honey to my package bees?

    IMO shake the bees off.The last thing you want is to transfer the queen over.
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    Re: What is this white powder?

    Looks like honey to me.
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    Re: How can I keep my honey from crystalizing?

    Only bottle what you need or think you will sell.Keep the rest in the freezer it wont freeze or crystalize.
    "Honey natures antifreeze"
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