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  1. Re: Long Lang on legs? Our TBH's are great and need to expand operations

    Thank you! I knew someone out there had plans. Didn't expect anything quite so detailed!

    Off to begin building.....swarm #2 flew past house today. Gotta get a trap up....
  2. Using camera in beeyard - how to keep camera from being sticky!

    Ok folks....
    I've seen some AMAZING photos as of late. Which has prompted the urge to take some for myself.

    But how on earth do you get the good shots without getting your camera completely...
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    Re: When to Give Them the Whole Hive

    Now is the season to build comb and get nectar stored away. The spring flow is on and the bees know it! Add as many bars as it takes. The summer dearth is coming - look at the temps and when the...
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    Re: 34 days 10 top bars covered

    Aren't swarms amazing? They know what needs to be done and do the job accordingly!
    Packages take so much longer to get themselves organized.
    Enjoy your bees!
  5. Long Lang on legs? Our TBH's are great and need to expand operations

    Hey Long Lang folks! Is it possible to put a long lang on legs, much like our tbh's?

    Our 2acre backyard apiary site in northern IL has flooded 6 out of the last 19yrs we've lived on this...
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    Re: Questions about inspection

    If your hive does not have observation windows, I would not go into the hive more than once a week. If you see some comb going off kilter, take care of it IMMEDIATELY - your hive tool, a few large...
  7. Wax moth infestation in dead-out hive from last fall - salvage or start over?

    I had a hive die last late fall (robbed out due to failing queen, hive was taken over on a weekend I wasn't home to help prevent complete disaster). Because it was so late in the season, I left the...
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    Re: Getting the kids interested

    Our kids are like most kids - interested in what THEY'RE interested in, and this other stuff (i.e. parent interest) is not necessarily their liking.

    My oldest son, now 16, was terrified of bees at...
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    Re: superable topbar plans

    Try searching this site for 'long langs' or 'horizontal hives'.....different folks call 'em different things - but in essence, they are the same!
    Good luck on your build!
  10. Re: Deadout tbh has mold growing near floor in back of hive - clean or not?

    Thank you all for the tips.....propane torch is possibility - although we're having such a rainy period here that I'm not sure the wood would actually scorch! The mold will laugh at the torch!
  11. Deadout tbh has mold growing near floor in back of hive - clean or not?

    Here in Northern Illinois, we're *almost* at spring....saw my first dandelion yesterday, woodland violets just starting, not too much in terms of nectar flow yet (maples froze, pussy willows got...
  12. Re: Top Bar Hives -- The red headed step child of beekeeping

    I've not joined our local group, as they meet when I'm unavailable. I'd like to find more local set of advisors to bounce ideas off of - but figure this community of beeks is as good as I can do...
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    Re: Lost both my TBH's this winter

    Sorry to hear of your losses. Any confirmation on why hive #2 died out? (speculation, intuition, hunches?). I'm always looking to learn more from those who've walked there before me.

    I've got...
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    Re: My new top bar bait hive

    It's called 'practice'! :lpf:

    Hive looks good. Seems to be missing something....oh, wait - bees! But not until this weather changes.....funny how busy these boards get in the wintertime....
  15. Re: Trying to decide between Top Bar and Langstroth

    A local historical museum has volunteers work their beeyards, overseen by a staff member. Before I got too deep in over my head, I spent six months working the yards with a few folks. Gave me an...
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    Re: How to add Observation Windows

    I created windows in my tbh's as such:

    Didn't have a router available. Had table saw, chop saw, biscuit jointer and know-how.

    In effect, I made storm windows or a cabinet door with a...
  17. Re: Horizontal Hive Overwintering Fools Challenge 2013/2014

    Here in northern Illinois, the temps are supposedly near mid-30's....supposedly.

    I'm getting concerned about one of my two hives. They've not cleaned out any dead for at least 2wks - while other...
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    Re: New Guy - New to Beekeeping

    Welcome to the forum!
    Lots of amazing information here, lots of great folks giving sound advice - all to the betterment of your beekeeping capabilities. You've found a great spot to learn in!
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    Re: When is the best time to remove mice

    A preschooler.
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    Re: Winter in Michigan

    Subzero in Northern Illinois as well for far longer than is comfortable for ANY body. I had insisted on a wind-break for our beeyard of 2 hives - think 5/8" plywood really helped protect from the...
  21. Re: Top covers vs roof system, what works best

    Sorry for the late reply - it's not the season to be's cookie baking time!

    I built peaked roofs for my tbh - I hinged them with a bolt on each end, as it's easier for me to handle. ...
  22. Re: Horizontal Hive Overwintering Fools Challenge 2013/2014

    Before our deep freeze (-8 at night) last week, I put that silver insulation around the hive body. So I've blocked off any 'peeking' into the hive...but if it helps keep the bees warmer, it's worth...
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    Re: Top Bar Hive Books and/or courses

    When does one STOP reading?!

    I ordered Les Crowder's book and Dr. Magnum's books. I like Mr. Crowder's book for the clarity, brevity and the superb illustrations of different hive set-ups and...
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    Re: First Visit By A Bee Inspector

    Sounds like you've gotten a great start to a potentially fruitful relationship! And that he recognized that it might not be good timing for inspections. That's a HUGE plus! Whew!
  25. Re: anyone supering their topbar hive? or using QMP strips?

    We have plexiglass windows in our KTBH - and the bees have made loads of attachments onto the plexi. I scrape it off to free the combs - and sometimes, the girls just insist on re-attaching the...
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