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    Re: swarm control methods

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    Re: How do you get outyard area?

    Drlonzo - Awesome questions.

    And if you don't mind,

    How do you figure out how many hives each outyard can handle?
  3. Re: Question about winter/spring build up

    Double Post
  4. Re: Question about winter/spring build up

    Texan - Yes sir, mine are bringing in some pollen but not alot.

    Kilo - LOL, so like everything in life I am behind. Thanks for the clarification.

    Guess I will add patties next week. No...
  5. Re: Question about winter/spring build up

    I plan to do both in the same apairy. Target honey production with some of my hives and bust up the rest for splits. Will be pushing up the ones that are being split to build as best they can, then...
  6. Question about winter/spring build up

    So from my one year of records, the Red Maples in this area started blooming around 2nd week in February. So should I wait for that before adding pollen/protein patties or just plan on the last part...
  7. Re: How I plan on overwintering 40 mating nucs on mini frames


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    Re: Mann Lake Stapler

    Stumbled on Maze about 5 years ago. Saw the MADE IN USA and dug alittle about it. Now I look for and if not on the shelf, I ask. If they don't carry them, I tell them I will go elsewhere and why....
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    Winter storage in Warm areas

    Ok, so all those bee keepers that say store the equipment in the shed and winter freezing temperatures will take care of stuff have a slight advantage.

    I was smashing hive beetles just a few weeks...
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    Re: mini mating nuc frames

    Velbert - When using those 4 or 5 frame mini's, do ya'll really just put like a coffee cup scoop of bees in there? That seems like not many bees. Especially if some head back home to the original...
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    Re: Bee's from Texas and African bees

    Lburou - Now thats what I am talking about. Would love to see that from one or two of my hives. You mind telling me how many supers you have on that hive.
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    Re: Don't see this everyday....

    I would have to try to box them up. They will die where they are (or I would guess it is 99.99% likelihood). Cool photos. We have a few open air feral hives around here and most have been a little...
  13. Re: Emergency queen cells - odds of success?

    Texas Drone - I had 3 fail with emergency cells a few weeks back, but that was right during the first of the freezes. My biggest two hives has a few drones and I saw a feral hive with lots of...
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    Re: Flavored honey

    I know someone that is offering alot of flavor infused honey. Not sure if they sell that much but always seem to have it offered.
  15. Re: San Antonio beekeepers and other with many hive

    Do you do mite checks? Heavy mite build up can really hit a hive hard and if they are hygenic they may be pulling lots of the larvae. I had one this year that just stayed marginal all summer and...
  16. Re: Small Scale VSH genetics and hybridization

    Thanks everyone for the advice and comments, I will ponder them all as I wonder what to do. I will get to read the thread deknow posted this winter and digest it, thanks for that link.
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    Re: 2nd OAV treatment

    Jay - There are several on here that are loose nuts, me included. Glad it worked out and 6 in 10 minutes sounds great.
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    Re: Lost my first hive in 5 year

    By my figuring those nucs are running about $300 american. That is awesome.

    Sorry about your loss.
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    Nuc Wall thickness

    I have access to some thinner than recommended wood I can use for nucs. It is 1/2 to 9/16 inch thick and I was looking at building 20 to 30 of the coates style nucs with it. Anyone think this would...
  20. Re: Positive strategies for the migratory vs. hobby conflict

    Would setting out lots of swarm traps be a possible alternative to this issue. :eek:

    It would not help your hives but might provide enough new starts that you can sell in the spring as nucs and...
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    Re: all in one queen cells cast in wax

    yeogi - do you care to share with how you plan to go about making this frame. I was thinking something similar but was worried that the large size of the cups would cause the queen to lay drone eggs...
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    Re: Late October Swarm?

    I was wondering if this might a left over gene controlled impulse from AHB that has bee spread among the feral bees from queens getting shipped everywhere. The AHB apparently has a tendency to swarm...
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    Late October Swarm?

    Buttoned up most my nucs just before Halloween. Had 4 nucs and a queen castle nuc (20 half size frames). These guys were all easy 4 frame of brood a few weeks ago and 3 frames of honey

  24. Re: Small Scale VSH genetics and hybridization

    Thanks guys. The beauty of this site is folks with experience can give some guidance to those with none.

    Would love to be able to set out my hives in clusters 2 miles around, but that is just...
  25. Small Scale VSH genetics and hybridization

    This is a by product of the other thread ( ) . It is a very education thread and I would like to thank everyone. ...
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