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  1. Re: Question/Observation for Experienced Hot Wax Dippers

    Thank you all for the info. We will be at it again tomorrow and see what results we get. We will try a hotter temp.
  2. Re: Question/Observation for Experienced Hot Wax Dippers

    Thanks Ian,

    We have scoured You Tube and the archives in depth on here and no one seems to address this issue or perhaps have this problem. Thanks! We will continue to search.
  3. Question/Observation for Experienced Hot Wax Dippers

    Greetings All!,

    We decided to test out hot wax boiling this year for woodenware so that we could gain some experience before we expanded this process to all of our wood.

    Basic Info:
    11 gauge...
  4. Re: Cash Flow/Budget Projection Template for Beekeepers

    Outstanding and a great tool! Thank you!
  5. Any beekeepers in Poland near Lodz or Warsaw?


    My wife and I are planning a trip this summer to Poland starting out in Lodz and visiting Warsaw. We have not determined all the places/cities we are planning to visit but we certainly...
  6. Re: Paint/Stain What do you use/How long is it lasting?

    If you are going to use stain you have to allow them to completely dry and off gas. Depending on weather could be upwards of 6 weeks.

    Let me clarify our 10 year opinion on the life of a super. ...
  7. Re: Paint/Stain What do you use/How long is it lasting?

    Ahhh the age old question, to paint, stain, etc. This is what we do and it works for us.

    We build our own boxes out of pine and brand every panel before assembly using the drill press method. ...
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    Re: NUC sales, medium vs deep

    Consider surface area. A 4 Frame Deep nuc would require a 6 frame medium to be comparable in surface area. A 5 frame nuc would need about 7 to 8 medium frames to be comparable.

    Mediums would...
  9. Thread: mosquitoes

    by NeonBee

    Re: mosquitoes

    Adding some type of small fish may be your best option. I know here in the deep south the local irrigation canals are purposely stocked with fish for mosquito control. Goldfish, killfish, tadpoles,...
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    Re: Which hive tool?

    If you going to do a lot of work I prefer the Standard hive tool. It fits well in the hand, does not fatigue the palm, and is very easy to use to lift frames (once you get the hang of it). Plus it...
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    7-5/8" Medium Supers and 7-1/4" Frames

    I know a number of commercial folks are using the 7-5/8 medium super exclusively. Does anyone other than Mann Lake produce the 7-1/4" frames (wood)? I have been unable to locate another supplier. ...
  12. Thread: Mpls Crash

    by NeonBee

    Re: Mpls Crash

    Here is a link: The truck was owned by Bauer Honey based in Fertile, Minnesota.

    Here is a video: ...
  13. Re: Possibly Coming Back to the Business, Need Advice

    Thank you all who have responded on this board and those who suspected they knew who I was and gave me a ring; it has been refreshing to hear some past voices. Also thank you to the people I have...
  14. Re: Possibly Coming Back to the Business, Need Advice

    Western, Hickory/Lenoir Area.
  15. Possibly Coming Back to the Business, Need Advice

    Greetings All,

    Well after hanging my commercial veil and smoker up 15 years ago I have once again been craving that venom addiction. Within the next year my family will be transferred to North...
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