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  1. Re: Never seen this before and probably never will again

    They are sticking their tongues through which could be a sign of acceptance or just cleaning the sugar water drops I applied right after I got her! I'm guessing it's acceptance though.
  2. Re: Never seen this before and probably never will again

    As a follow-up to this, I am wondering if I should immediately release the queen into the box or leave her in her cage. Any thoughts?
  3. Never seen this before and probably never will again

    So sit back and you'll hear an unusual tale. This morning around 1030 I saw a swarm in the air in a white pine tree in my yard. As I was walking towards it, two clumps of bees fell onto the grass and...
  4. Re: When to perform split after seeing swarm cells?

    [QUOTE=tsmullins;937475]It might be best to put the old queen in a nuc. Otherwise, they may swarm anyways, at this point.

    When you say put the old queen in a nuc, how is that different than...
  5. When to perform split after seeing swarm cells?

    I have a 2nd year hive that has around 10-20 queen cups hanging from the bottom of the frames which I assume are swarm cells. The eggs in the cups have hatched I think and there is royal jelly in...
  6. Thread: Moving the hive

    by pcord

    Re: Moving the hive

    I moved hives last summer and no matter how much material I stacked in front of the entrances, a good number of bees still returned to the old location forcing me to put a box there to capture and...
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    Re: Combined yesterday. Will it work

    My concern with a straight newspaper combine was for laying workers or virgin queens I might have missed. There were NO eggs in the queenless hive and haven't been for weeks. There are a few sealed...
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    Combined yesterday. Will it work

    OK, so I don't pretend this is a new method, but yesterday I took one queenright hive which is light on stores (currently a deep and a medium) and pulled the inner cover. Directly on top of that I...
  9. Bees will not accept new Queen- Sept- combine or re-queen again?

    I have a hive that has been seemingly queenless for a couple of months now. I have purchased two queens for them. One flew away upon release (my mistake), one made it in but either was not accepted...
  10. Re: How long will I be punished by the beekeeping gods?

    Rick- do you have children? Might work and if they're young enough, would certainly qualify as 'small'.
  11. Re: How long will I be punished by the beekeeping gods?

    Vance- too complicated to move stakes every few days. I instead intend to buy 2500 queens and pin them directly over the cells in the brood chamber. That way there's no long term maintenance and...
  12. Re: How long will I be punished by the beekeeping gods?

    I'm not? :)
  13. Re: How long will I be punished by the beekeeping gods?

    Grant- thank you for your sinful behavior. I'm hopeful the goddesses will lose interest in me soon for hell hath no fury like... Being out of town for a week I'm limited in my ability to get a new...
  14. How long will I be punished by the beekeeping gods?

    OK, so I committed a sin this year by cutting out swarm cells and ended up queenless in two hives. I purchased two queens which arrived on Tuesday. Upon installing the queens, I discovered I have...
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    Re: Will a Tighit Wire Decap Honey?

    I'm going to weigh in with a no. I've used serrated and non-serrated knives. Serrated knives (like bread knives) work great because you can saw back and forth and actually cut through the wax. ...
  16. Thread: Yellow Jackets

    by pcord

    Re: Yellow Jackets

    Please remember that YJ perform a valuable service in ridding our gardens of many unwanted pests including houseflies and their larva. If they're not causing problems for you or the bees, getting...
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    Re: Odd (or maybe not so odd) pest larvae

    That's it! They're wily little buggers. And fast!
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    Re: Odd (or maybe not so odd) pest larvae

    Wow- I'm surprised because this is a pretty strong hive- had a remove some swarm cells at the same time! Thanks for the reply- never seen them before but it sounds like there's not much to do but...
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    Odd (or maybe not so odd) pest larvae

    I was in the hives yesterday and saw a white worm-like larvae on one of the frames. I noticed there seemed to be some dead bee larvae but not so much that I was alarmed. The "worm" was about 3/4"...
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    Re: Most aggressive foragers?

    Around us most of our bees nectar comes from mature hardwoods- particularly tulip poplar trees. Not sure if you have any of those but don't discount trees as a nectar source.
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    Re: How To Disolve Beeswax Off of Concrete Floor

    Can you gouge out the areas that are contaminated and re-fill with clean concrete?
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    Re: What's So Bad About Swarming?

    Here is a second year beekeeper's (me) personal story on swarming. Last year I was OK with the idea. Didn't try to make it happen, but felt good about increasing the feral population and didn't...
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    Re: What happened to the eggs

    Get yourself a new queen ASAP. Why she isn't laying could be attributed to many reasons and frankly isn't that important, but the most important thing is that she is NOT laying. Pinch the old...
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    Doubling Down or Dooming my package?

    OK, here's my story and time will tell if I screwed the pooch or end up with two for the price of one...

    Friday- Installed package
    Saturday- removed cork from queen cage, pierced candy, replaced...
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    Re: Any other PA beeks having good luck?

    Lost one of two this winter. She was a package queen. The other hive swarmed and the queen who survived was "local". Not sure if that's blind luck or genetics. Will start liquid food this weekend....
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