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    Re: Extractors

    Are both of these side drains. I could see the one was but was not sure about the other. I am a long way from Bagley.
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    Re: old maxant 500-50, need some pics

    you are missing a pulley directly below the pulley on the top shaft. it is a smaller pully. A small belt to both pulleys runs the shaft. Should be able to see on the bottom shaft where one was at...
  3. Re: Loading honey onto your truck. Anybody use a moto-dolly?

    Ran the ezy loader for years. We loaded honey supers with it when pulling honey, Had 2 we used for loading bees in Mississpi on to semis to head back to Kansas and South Dakota. It also had a...
  4. Re: going rate for pollination of Alfalfa going to seed

    At 4 to 5 colonies per acre you are not going to make much honey at all. There is great abundance of nectar at the beginning. Bees gathering nectar soon learn to stick their tongue in the side to...
  5. Re: going rate for pollination of Alfalfa going to seed

    That is good to here that you have had no effects. I am assuming you are talking about seed that Neonics were applied on. How well did they go through winter? My area the alfalfa was going to be...
  6. Re: going rate for pollination of Alfalfa going to seed

    They would be spraying fo alfalfa weevil and threps.
  7. Re: going rate for pollination of Alfalfa going to seed

    Thank you all. Honey for all, looks like you have had some bad experiences with Alfalfa, Been there done that and agree with you. 60 just isn't enough to recoup the losses from Neonic poison. I...
  8. going rate for pollination of Alfalfa going to seed

    It has been a while since we have pollinated Alfalfa, I have a corporation farm asking for 200 colonies. June 1 to end of July. I am familiar with all the spray issues. It has been a good 10...
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    Re: Making Spring Splits

    Tom, best time in your area is last week of April or first week of May. I live about 2 hours west of you. If you are on alfalfa that is just blooming they will draw it out but a bit slowly as the...
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    Re: Need to seal floor on honey house

    If you don't mind could you give me a ball park figure of what the building cost. Thinking of doing the same thing with a building about the size of yours.
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    Re: Another bee kill from spraying?

    I have had the same issue of bees coming back from our state being negative. Upon investigation I found out from the lab it was extremely important to get the bees as quick as possible and get them...
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    Re: Do you check before you place your hives

    Had an issue similar, we put out three truck loads a night. Our bees are in Texas and then we bring them back. Had a beekeeper read my the riot act because he had two colonies stuck down along a...
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    Re: Nation honey producers meeting?

    Won't make it this year either. I have been to both ABF and AHPA. I am a commerical operator and am more comfortable at AHPA. Many of my friends I grew up with in beekeeping are there. So I just...
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    Sticky: Re: Bulk honey prices and market outlook

    Just sold 10 barrels at 2.50 lb to a small packer.
  15. Re: Oct 1st today who's still extracting honey???

    Been at it since Sept 4th. Will finish up Tuesday. Break down and clean equipment then barrel up the tank on Wednesday.
  16. Thread: Bobcat

    by James Kellie

    Re: Bobcat

    753 depending on the year and hours should be between 12000 and 14000 dollars.
  17. Re: (2) 20 frame extractors vs (1) 50 or 60 frame extractor

    Been there done that. In my early years I ran to 20 frames for the first year. That is a total of 40 and you still have to load and unload either the 20's or the 60. One 60 is faster than two...
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    Re: Utah Bee truck spill

    Ian, they do put most of the bees down for Honey as well. Most in Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, Norht Dakota. I believe now there may be some in Idaho as well..Can't remember if he bought an...
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    Re: Utah Bee truck spill

    Ted. I indeed learned alot working for him. I worked his queen yard and grafted for him in Miss. Bret Adee usually runs the California end.
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    Re: Utah Bee truck spill

    I worked for Richard for several years until i went on my own. My team picked up one of his wrecked loads about 20 years ago by Grand Island Nebr. Indeed it is a mess. We had three two tons, three...
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    Re: bee yard pmt.

    We give out 60lbs of honey for our yards. They are all farm folks out here and use it up.
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    Re: Extracting set-up

    Another way is to make sure your pump sucks from the bottom of the tank. Set your float switch so that is shuts off before the top slum reaches the pump and turns on when the tank is fairly full. ...
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    Re: When to move bees down south?

    I just returned from putting my last load down. All snuggled in for the next two months.
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    Re: Kansas Honey Producers fall meeting

    You can join the Kansas Honey Producers. We have a website "". We also have a page on Facebook "Kansas honey producers". On the web site will be information on how to join....
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