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    Two small laying worker hives

    I'm wondering what to do with two small laying worker hives. The first hive is a split I did May 19 with a queen cell and frames of brood and stores. Today I could not find a queen, and there was a...
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    Re: Galvanizes wire in honey frames?

    It sounds like those responding know a lot more about metals than I, but I just thought I'd mention the old extractors were galvanized and that is no longer approved.
  3. Re: What Kind of Bottom Board with Top Entrance?

    I have the Bush-style top entrance hives. I use a simple flat piece of board. Ventilation didn't seem to be a problem last summer, but if they look like they're getting too hot you can offset the...
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    Re: What is "Aggressive"?

    Aggressive bees bounce against your veil (they would be stinging you in the face if they could), and of course sting you where they can. You may also see a lot of stingers left in your suit that...
  5. Re: Bee Hive as Security While Away From Home?

    On a related note, I saw a news story last year where the owner of a salvage yard had bee hives placed around the property to discourage trespassers. If I remember correctly, it proved too much...
  6. Thread: Books

    by homesteader824

    Re: Books

    As far as I know, the newest edition was published in 1992. A lot has changed in beekeeping in the last 20 years. I'm hoping for a new edition to come out, but I haven't heard anything. If you're...
  7. Re: Package Installation on 1 or 2 8 frameMediums?

    I installed packages in 8 frame mediums with drawn comb this year. I started with a single medium--the amount of bees to the space seemed right. Just be aware if you are feeding them or there is a...
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    Re: Fast cheap hive scale

    Neat idea, but wouldn't a constant weight on the scale mess up the springs?
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    Bee Culture Magazine

    I have been a subscriber to the digital version of this magazine. Recently they changed things. I have a subscription paid through June yet I cannot access anything past the March issue. Most...
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    Two Queens in a Hive

    A couple of things I know about multiple queens: the first virgin to emerge from her cell kills all the other queens, and some hives do have a mother/daughter pair of queens (at least for awhile).
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    Re: Installed package. Pain ensued! Help

    Remember this is a package, and the queen was from a different source. The workers are unrelated to the queen. It will be three weeks before this queen's bees emerge and start to replace the...
  12. Re: Anyone using top entrance have moisture problem?

    I think I will at least add some foam board insulation to the covers next winter.
  13. Re: Anyone using top entrance have moisture problem?

    I should have posted a picture with my post. This is exactly the top entrance I have. In addition, the cover is not perfectly sealed along the sides because of the shims. So there may be some...
  14. Re: How to access Bee Culture electronic magazine

    Bee Culture is having trouble with their electronic subscriptions. The last month I was able to get in was March, and I'm paid up to June. I contacted them (allow a few days to hear back) and they...
  15. Re: Anyone using top entrance have moisture problem?

    Thanks everybody, I think it is mostly the moisture you expect from not having live bees ventilating the hive. The one with the mold on the bottoms of the frames does have me wondering though.
  16. Anyone using top entrance have moisture problem?

    Last spring I started using hives that Michael Bush suggests--8 frame all medium with top entrance. My covers are the same design as his, having shims attached to make an entrance on one side. Last...
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    Re: Setting up a bee yard

    Last year was the first time I had hives in a row. I had three identical hives sitting close together. The middle hive never thrived. I had always been told drift evens out, but some research...
  18. Re: Is It Necessary to Remove Robber Screens?

    They go in the hive.
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    Re: What bottom board should I run?

    I'm not in an area where SHB are that big of a problem. I switched over to solid bottom boards this year, with top entrances. I went to 8 frame mediums and simply didn't get around to making SBBs...
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    Would you feed pollen sub?

    I don't normally feed pollen substitute, but I'm considering it now. I have one hive from a swarm I caught last spring. I never fed it anything and it built up to 4 mediums and swarmed in July, so...
  21. Re: Is It Necessary to Remove Robber Screens?

    From what I've seen and heard from other beekeepers, robbers are confused when they can smell the honey but can't get to it. A screen right across the entrance provides that confusion. If you had a...
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    Re: fondant super hard what went wrong?

    I did the same thing, and never having seen fondant didn't know how hard it was supposed to be. Mine was like rock candy. It worked great, just a more labor-intensive way of making sugar blocks.
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    Re: Mann Lake New Website!

    Yes, it's working again for me too. It's convenient--I use it as an online shopping list I can add to.
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    Re: Mann Lake New Website!

    All I noticed yesterday was that the option to add items to my wishlist was no longer there. New is often not better.
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