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  1. Re: Florida Nucs Ready Now Great Prices

    Hi Frank,

    Would you consider shipping up to Boston? I realize its hot now, but maybe we could catch a few days of coolness.

  2. Re: How long can a queen stay in a cage with no food

    Hi Bill,

    I was chatting with a bee keeper/seller friend of mine and he showed me that he just lets his queens hang out in a shady area outside. Apparently lots of random bees take care of the...
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    Re: Compacting hive for winter

    Hi Greg,

    Greetings from just down the road in Harvard. I am also in my fourth first year.

    Do you have the ability to freeze the frames? Then you could put them back on in the late spring.
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    Re: foundationless questions

    I am in the middle of changing over as well.

    When I add a box, I bound each new foundationless frame with drawn out frames. I think it helps the bees stay on track.

    I wimped out and bought the...
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    Re: Square Icing Buckets From Walmart

    You might also want to check local ice cream stores.
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    Re: right bee for southern NH

    I have had good success with Buckfast and Russians. They tend to be smaller than the Italians or Carniolans. I am using natural cell size (well mostly) and am in my third first year of beekeeping.
  7. Re: att'n Maine/N New England beeks, do you wrap for winter?

    This will be my third first year beekeeping ;-)

    I think the most important items are windbreak and top entrance.

    I use that construction black plastic/fabric that already has the stakes put in...
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    Re: Handling Hot Hive

    Hi Woodedareas,

    I have a hot hive as well and do the double layer thing. Still a bit scary as they whack the veil. They have calmed down from this year, so just stick with it.

  9. Re: Any comments on Bob Brachmann's Russians?

    I got one queen from Bob last year and it did well, so I am gong in with a bee-buddy to get six deep nucs for this spring.

    He is a straight shooter and and honest person to deal with.

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    Re: Apairy Management Software

    Does anyone know of a management tool that does not run on the web?

    Call me old fashioned, but I'd rather keep all my data on my pc.

    Take Care,
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