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  1. Re: Will Bees move honey up to supers from hive body?

    guess I needed to give more info ,
    I run 2 deeps with med honey supers . I have some hives that went through winter with 4 or 5 frames of solid honey left over, cant move them up don't want to...
  2. Will Bees move honey up to supers from hive body?

    If you scratch the honey comb in the hive body will they move it up to the supers,
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    Re: Introducing virgins

    using baby powder to merge two hives....
    I have repeated the theory of this procedure to a beekeeping friend, he called me to inform me that it killed 90 percent of the bees in the hive,,,, can...
  4. Re: For those that live in the vacinity of Tracy, CA!!

    HI Fellow beeks. there is a club in Sonora called Sierra foothill beekeepers and one in the valley called Delta bee club,, I belong to the one in Sonora all beeks are new in this club,,
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    Can i do this ?????

    I have 3 swarm hives that seem to be unmotivated I know there is a queen in one the other 2 look as there is a working layer 2 or 3 eggs in each cell. all have been in box's over 3 weeks, can I join...
  6. Thread: Deep fried Bees?

    by LRJ36

    Re: Deep fried Bees?

    OK now I'm confused! how do you get the bee's to land in HOT
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    Re: package bees with queen cells

    Just a thought , did the supplier just shake the bees from a queen-less hive? and as soon as they had a chance to make one they did..
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