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  1. Re: Trying to decide between Top Bar and Langstroth

    I remember this build from last year, Pat had to do all stainless hardware and a bunch of other specialty stuff.
  2. Re: Horizontal Hive Overwintering Fools Challenge 2013/2014

    BTW, we had a cold snap here that brought temps dow to -19 degrees! we had to warm days last week around 48 degrees and I was thrilled to see bees moving about in the hive and tossing out their dead...
  3. Re: Horizontal Hive Overwintering Fools Challenge 2013/2014

    I thought I had back in November. I have not been on the board too much this winter. I entered my info on the spreadsheet.
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    Re: How to build cheap top bars.

    Last season was my first, so take my input for what it is worth. I used 1 inch thick x 2 inch Furring strips they measure 1.5 inches wide. I cut them to length, and since I did not have access to a...
  5. Re: Horizontal Hive Overwintering Fools Challenge 2013/2014

    I started last spring with one package of bees and a hastily built top bar hive. I am happy to report that the hive is still alive. we had bees flying around yesterday in 50 degree weather. put...
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    Re: Ideal Top Bar width?

    I'm a first year beekeeper, but I second Pat's furring strips. I used the same and have had no troubles this year at 1 3/8".
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    Re: TBH size and transprt question

    Dr. Mangum recomends 3 ft TBH for moving for polination. Dunno if this helps, but he managed over 200 TBH in his operation.
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    Re: Smoker Fuel

    I am currently using pet bedding found at wall mart which is made from Aspen, all natural, no oils, scent free. Burns nice, good smoke, cool, and I do not have to hunt for pine trees. We do not...
  9. Re: Treatment free success or failure: what makes the difference?

    I am going treatment free. Of course, this is my first year and I have 1 TBH. I have not seen any SHB and did not check for mites. I have let my bees be, so to speak, and figured they will figure...
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    Re: Delayed swelling???

    Just gor my first sting a minute ago. Measuring the bottom of my TBH and one of the guards decided to zap the pad of my thumb! I don't remember ever swelling much from bee stings, but it's been...
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    55 gallon Drum Top Bar Hive

    Does anyone have any experience with these? I am planning on expanding my beekeeping next season and I access to cheap drums used for water soluble laundry soap. I'm wondering of they do well, as I...
  12. Re: Has anyone here made a TBH out of fence pickets?

    Treated lumber could be an issue with the chemicals in it. I have been warned away from it. I am currently building one out of recycled 2x4's from nearby construction. Nice looking, but this hive...
  13. Re: Feeding candy boards or cooked sugar bricks in winter

    From what I jhave read, Mr. Bush puts regular cane sugar sprayed with a bit of water in the hive to feed in the winter, only if necessary. That is how I understood it on his web site.
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    Re: Bee Well Honey?

    It is delicious! And I get to take it home! can life bee better? I submit that it cannot!
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    Bee Well Honey?

    Just curious if anyone from Bee Well Honey in Pickens, SC is on these boards. My daughter has a jar of your honey here in her house and I got to say it looks good! I'm hoping she'll let me open...
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    Re: Strange noise coming from hive

    From the audio, it almost sounds like a Mourning Dove in the hive
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    Re: Checking brood area in TBH

    Bee careful! this is how I ended up with my Beesaster!

  18. Re: Love my TBH, don't care much for the Langstroth Hives

    I got into the top bar hive (I only have one) mostly for economic and space reasons. I cannot fill my garage with frames and supers and I cannot really afford them. My top bar hive has cost about...
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    Re: Bee-saster in Indiana

    I noticed a you tube video where the guy said that a long bread knife was the best tool he had for freeing the top bars from the sides of the hive and I believe that he is right. I just tried it...
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    Re: Let's talk about viewing-windows

    After seeing the home, I hope you charged extra for all the custom fittings!!
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    Bee-saster in Indiana

    Well, not really, but I like saying bee-saster. Keep in mind I'm a novice beekeeper, first year. The mistakes I made yesterday are obvious in retrospect. I deviated from my inspection routine of...
  22. Can I swap out the entire hive body?

    Ok, I built my first top bar by a rough description on the internet and it's got seveal issues that are going to concern me going into winter. I made a screened bottom and then a bottom board, which...
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    Re: Too much brood?

    This is my first year with a package in a TBH. I too, have mostly brood on the bars that have drawn comb. I have 14 bars drawn and they are all brood, except for 2 capped honey. The Hive is...
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    Re: Is Patience a Virtue?

    I check my window daiky, and open hive up for inspection once a week. Not had any issues so far.
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    38 days after install

    I am a first year beek, and installed my one package on may 11th. Today I did a full inspection and found 8 full bars of brood comb, 4 partial bars of comb under construction and one full bar of...
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