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    Re: Warre's (hive feet) question

    I notice that you are from Iowa; I am a Michigander. When I get started, I will make my stand higher--say, 1.5 - 2 feet. This is not my own idea, exactly. Chris Harvey, who lives just south of...
  2. One of the best ways to learn Warré beekeeping

    I find that the information at is really detailed with respect to how Warré hives work. Also, the path to natural beekeeping...not putting things in the hive that the bees...
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    Winter Survival; Northern States

    I recently came across one beek's story about a disastrous winter. It was 2011 and there was not winter thaw that bees could take advantage of for a cleansing flight. Many beeks in the area lost...
  4. Re: Warre Top Bar vs Warre Frame Hives (Modified Warre Hives)

    One beek and supplier says his is 'non-metallic mesh.' For a full list of components, go to:

  5. Re: Warre Top Bar vs Warre Frame Hives (Modified Warre Hives)

    You can have them either way, odfrank. Parallel to the entrance side is the way I will do it when I keep a Warre hive. I live in Michigan, and must deal with winter. By having the frames...
  6. Re: Warre Top Bar vs Warre Frame Hives (Modified Warre Hives)

    I'm considering buying my first Warre for two reasons: See how it is constructed, and tap into experience of a knowledgeable guy--the builder. Go to for its products for...
  7. Warre Top Bar vs Warre Frame Hives (Modified Warre Hives)

    I just saw a 25-minute video of a "Modified Warre hive" (with frames) opened, frames removed, with close-ups of capped honey, capped pollen and brood, and open cells with brood. Lots of advice on...
  8. Re: Yearly business plan - realistic or not? What else should I account for?

    Hello, Westernbeek!

    One idea that you might consider is buying the operation over time, say 3 to 5 years. You agree with the owner to pay a certain amount in 3 or 5 yearly installments. You make...
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    Re: Still getting wrong bee calls

    I am interesting in getting back into beekeeping, which I did until 1984, when daughter #2 arrived. I too got many calls, and it took some amount of explaining and discussion to qualify the "bees." ...
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