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  1. Re: might I spy mites? An eye spy game. Help please.

    Your pictures are too small for me to be able to spot mites. I've only very rarely see a mite on a bee - they are visible in uncapped drone brood, and on my stickies. By the time you see mites of...
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    Re: Birds...a problem or not?

    I had a cat bird dining out on my split this year, some of which had rear entrances right near the branches the bird used as a perch. I had one miss on the first round (which I then added a second...
  3. Re: 6 frames, correctly spaced, in a 9 frame deep

    I often remodel (temporarily) the interiors of my standard boxes with follower boards and foam panels to make a match with colony size. I do it less commonly in the summer when temps are high, but...
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    Re: package stopped building comb

    Are you still feeding them syrup? I do that in new colonies to get as many combs made in the early months as I think is good for wintering in my area. Sometimes this is done quickly and sometimes it...
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    Re: How large is too large

    After reading about good wintering in Minnesota, I decided to use three deeps, plus a medium (all 10-frame) as my basic wintering unit this gives an ample amount of room for both stores and bees,...
  6. Thread: Dearth?

    by enjambres

    Re: Dearth?

    North of Albany now:

    Purple loosestrife, Joe-Pye weed, boneset, white dutch clover, common purple thyme, earliest goldenrod, chicory, alfalfa, buckwheat, viper's bugloss, mullein, and some kind of...
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    Re: Why wont they grow?

    Are you feeding sugar syrup from an internal feeder?

    Have you done regular sticky boards or a sugar roll (different procedure from a sugar dusting done for mite suppression) to get a fix on your...
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    Re: Adding a honey super

    Get them to build out the second deep first, before diverting them from drawing the essential (in our climate) deep frames. They will continue to fill frames on the autumn flow, but their pace of...
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    Re: Need tips on closing up my weak hive

    Whereever did you get the idea you should close up your colonies for a week? They'd be dead in 48 hours in this heat.

    Use a solid or a screened entranced reducer to narrow the opening,You can use...
  10. Re: Check a new nuc for a queen cell or leave it alone and wait

    There is a period from about the 10-14th day (from eggs) when queen raisers are cautioned about disturbing the cells as the cells are in delicate state. You are not quite there, so if you do it,...
  11. Re: Winter stores - protracted cold better than occasional warm days?

    The game scale has a hole on the bottom, to which I have attached a hefty S-hook. The S-hook goes down into the bars of the Metro shelf. At the top is another, larger loop which proved to small for...
  12. Re: Winter stores - protracted cold better than occasional warm days?

    I weigh each one regularly once a week or so, starting in late August. I equalize among the hives in mid/late September when there is a still some flow going on so they can repair and rework any...
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    Re: The best queen catcher

    I keep a push-in queen cage at hand whenever I have hive boxes open. And I have one of those cheap plastic spring clips things. These are both emergency rescue devices for a queen on the loose, or...
  14. Re: Winter stores - protracted cold better than occasional warm days?

    Duplicate post removed.
  15. Re: Winter stores - protracted cold better than occasional warm days?

    The length of the forage-less period is also very important. Where I am there is no reliable, sustained, forage from (usually) mid-October until the end of March, or about 5 1/2 months of the entire...
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    Re: Checked for varroa

    The "sticky" stuff I use is ordinary cooking oil from my kitchen. Almost every household has a bottle of oil that has gotten a little funky for table or cooking use. So give it a new purpose in life...
  17. Re: I don't want to trigger a robbing event.

    My "quiet boxes" are just spare deeps or wood nuc boxes, with a shim below, set on a political sign for a bottom with another on top. Easy to keep clean, as needed. I couldn't make a proper quiet...
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    Re: Hive size for overwintering?

    I am north of Albany NY.

    My standard wintering size for mature colonies is three deeps and a medium of 10-frame equipment, with the total hive weight in excess of 150 lbs.

    For small colonies,...
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    Re: Converting to small cell


    Actually I think it's not the size of the drone cell that makes them preferable but the longer pupation period of drones (compared to workers) which allows more female mites to...
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    Re: The Last Stand

    Well, you're certainly putting up a very strong fight on behalf of your girls. You must have worked like a dog this hot weekend!

    I'm hoping it works this time and that next weekend you can check...
  21. Re: I don't want to trigger a robbing event.

    Make yourself a quiet box to house the frame(s) while they are out of the hive, and develop a routine that the first frame is always popped into the quiet box (unless, early in the season it is still...
  22. Re: Amount of Oxalic acid to vaporize per Warre box?

    Yes, do a sugar roll about once a month from here on out. But keep doing sticky boards every week for three days, too.

    Usually my tests reveal a need to treat - with a series of OAV - from...
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    Re: Checked for varroa

    Put the board back in and run a 72 hr test to get an average 24 hr drop over that period. A single day's drop doesn't mean much. And a single weeks' three day average is sticky not a lot of info. ...
  24. Re: Amount of Oxalic acid to vaporize per Warre box?

    For Langs it's one gram per box, any width (eight- or ten-frame equipment) or size (deep or medium). There's a big difference between a deep 10 frame box, and a medium eight frame, but it's still...
  25. Re: should I reduce the entrance to the minimum (re: SHBs)??

    Get a magnifying glass, Mites are very easy to identify with one in hand. Couple a bucks at the grocery store or pharmacy and you're set.

    Mites are small oval-shaped. Mostly they are dark...
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