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    Re: Need advice on swarm

    wow, that's a huge swarm. Is your hive big enough to hold them? Have you put LGO in it? I'm a newbie so that's all I can think of. (Nice problem to have.)
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    Re: Moving down into the next box

    I'm a total beginner, this is my first season with bees and I have them in 2 warre hives. During one inspection the top box had 6 bars built with the middle 4 already attached to the sides. I took...
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    Re: Adding boxes in a Warre hive question...

    OMG, that video is so cool! Thanks for posting. One of my hives, the first package I installed sometimes looks like a mini version of that. I just love watching all those bees.
  4. Re: A strange and somewhat useless observation...

    I guess I'm not the only one who "watches too much". I had my husband install a beecam that shows both hive fronts. The first camera was too fuzzy and had a horrible framerate. So he got an HD...
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    Main Flow and Dearth

    I understand the concepts but how do we know what or when each of these are? And are there do's and don'ts that go with each one? And are there more than one each season? Thanks for the...
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    Re: Do new packages swarm the first year?

    Thanks for the replies. I stopped feeding after three weeks and even tho they're half way on the second box, I went ahead and added a third.

    I really appreciate the advice from those who've seen...
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    Do new packages swarm the first year?

    I have a package that I installed the beginning of April. They are building in the second warre box. Should I be looking for signs of swarming or is that only after the first year?

  8. Re: strong opinions Beethinking vs the Warre Store?

    I have two Bee Thinking Warre hives and they are beautiful. I live about an hour away from their store which makes it nice to stop in and also get some help. I got my first hive there thinking my...
  9. Re: What's the biggest mistake (s) you made starting out?

    trance - best thread ever! Thank you.
  10. Re: What's the biggest mistake (s) you made starting out?

    My very first install ever was a package. In my excitement, I didn't zip up the suit properly and got bees inside. After several stings I took off the suit but by then had the smell on me. Bees...
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    Re: Actual weight of 3 lb. package

    This has been a fascinating thread from the OP to the stream of consciousness to this last post. I love to see the data but I really love to see the results. In the end, I'll vote with my...
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    Re: Placing Hives

    I'm not far from you in Newberg Oregon. We're up at 1,500' so I decided to get Carniolans for the one package I bought since I thought I read that the Italians don't do as well in the cold. I'm also...
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