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  1. Re: Live throws a curve ball...will the bees be OK

    Janne, I brought a couple hives that were much lighter than I waa comfortable with thru upstate New York winter by mountain camping them.

    I'm a western Washington native, and no w returned to...
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    Re: Do bees prefer moving vertical?

    The "natural" home of a wild hive isn't just standing trees.
    It is often a log or fallen tree as well.
    And the chosen home is often the horizontal space between the floor or ceiling joists of a...
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    Re: Are You In The Closet?

    Privacy in the electronic age is why I use a pseudonym online instead of my given name.

    Face to face, I get to choose to with whom I share my name and city with, and i reserve the right to do the...
  4. Re: making up fall nucs for overwintering (TBH)

    July and August is when I made up Ow nucs in upstate New York.

    You need to make them up by mid August in order to get enough bees and to get comb drawn.

    Even then, you'll have to feed right up...
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    Re: Suggestions for feeding Double Nuc boxes?

    If you use an excluder and a deep box, DO NOT use a wood bound one, and don't neglect making sure it is tight to the divider. I often screw it ot the divider even if I don't see a problem.

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    Re: supersedure cell?

    It's a queen cup hanging form a clump of drone cells.
    It doesn"t necessarily mean that they are superceding.. or even that they are making a queen, unless there is a larva in it.

    Some colonies...
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    Re: Suggestions for feeding Double Nuc boxes?

    I've never had an issue using gallon can inside of 4 frame nuc supers.

    If you make each super out of 1x10 lumber, and the nucs 8 1/8" wide, two 1 gallon paint cans can fit inside easily. I buy...
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    Re: Inspection / Possible Queen Problem

    With some strains of bees, the queen will slow or stop laying when there is little nectar available.

    That happens in July / August in parts of the country.

    If it's getting dry where you live,...
  9. Re: 7D nails for supers and hive bodies (Galvanized vs hot dipped, vs electro-galvani

    If you use a good glue (Llike Titebond II or III) the glut joint will be stronger than the wood it joins.

    That means nails serve little purpose other than holding the joint until the glue sets.
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    Re: how do you do it ?

    After noticing that stings decreased the pain I had form a chronic knee injury, I began to make sure I got stung once a week.

    If that amount of time passed w/o an accidental sting, I just pick up...
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    Re: Looking for bees in upstate NY area

    I just moved to te west coast from Elmira this spring.
    I had good success buying nucs form Kale Luce in Cattaraugus (near Salamanca).
    The bees i go from him were treatment free, and on small cell...
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    Re: I need advice

    Queen cells point down.

    Are you sure you are not looking at a drone cell?
    From the pic, it looks as though this cell is pointing straight ot nearly straight out (horizontally)from the face of the...
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    Re: Nuc raising own queen

    As long as the nuc has eggs and/or larva less than a couple days old, they can raise a quality queen with no problem.
    I have split nucs from 8 or 10 frame hives this way many times.

    Just don't...
  14. Thread: drone cell?

    by Beregondo

    Re: drone cell?

    That's exactly what they are.
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    Re: Should I be worried about these?

    when the sides are open, the queen pupa that was insode was killed usually by the hive queen.
    when ther eis a nice clean circle goneatt he very tip of a cell, a queen has emerged.

    Empty cells...
  16. Re: Mike Palmers queenlessness test question...

    If memory srves me, according to mike, it only takes a short time, not days.
    This has also been my experience.

    Sometines, I've intro'd queens only minutes after pinching the old queen, and have...
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    Re: Minimizing Drone comb building

    Yep... they'll make more anywhere they can if the drone population is below the 5-15% of total population that they want in the hive.

    Drawing more comb will cost you more honey than the drones...
  18. Re: New Queen - is this typical for our situation?

    You did indeed have queen at the beginning, as witnessed by the eggs/larvae she produced.

    She died, either by supercedure, being "rolled" when one comb rubbed against another while being lifted...
  19. Thread: queen cells

    by Beregondo

    Re: queen cells

    The bees will know that they are queenless almost immediately.

    If you are pulling a queen that's laying well off of of comb from another hive or a mating nuc you can introduce her directly and...
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    Re: Your favorite DEEP foundation- lets hear

    I usually go foundationless.

    When I do use foundation, I buy Dadant small cell, primarily because the store in Waverly is nearby.

    I don't know if SC fndn has an affect on varroa, as i ave never...
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    Re: Documenting Individual Hives

    If all want is to know what to do next time with a hive, I use a brick code.
    A brick on edge needs a queen, one set toward the back left corner got a queen cell last time I was in the yard, back...
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    Re: Is My Hive Aggressive

    When you manipulate your hives, are you a banger"" or do you handle the boxes and frames gently with a minimum of knocking things about?

    How often are you getting into the hive?

    Were there...
  23. Re: Solar charger recommendation for a 10'x12' bee yard

    Ignore the rated number of miles on a charger -- it means nothing.
    Typically comparing an AC plug in charger and a solar one from the same company rated for the same distance the output on the solar...
  24. Re: Damaged comb on plastic foundation: Scrape or re-use as is?

    I just put such comb back in also.

    They build it out just fine.
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    Re: What do I do with laying worker hive?

    Absence of brood pheromone at a time when the bees aren't overwintering causes some of the workers in a hive to produce and lay eggs.

    Once there is a laying queen in the hive, and therefore open...
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