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    Re: Painting Bee Hives?

    Mine are painted based on what paint I had available or could get cheap. I also have some eco-wood treated hives that look unpainted. I have no idea if the color plays a role in them knowing their...
  2. Re: Comparing sugar cakes to "loose" sugar feeding

    I have done the Mountain Camp method for the past few years. For me, it seems to work well. Here in Northern/North Central Kentucky, humidity and moisture are as much of a concern as the cold temps....
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    Re: Bloom date sub forum

    I would love to see something that would at least break it in to states, and then within the state post city and zip code.
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    Re: New package - treat or not?

    Some varroa treatment options may cause the queen to temporarily stop laying. This is not something you want to happen in the early days of a new package that is trying to build up. Spring is when...
  5. Re: Kelley N Frames and wired foundation - pin? Wire? or leave as is

    I have used a lot of the N frames with slide in wax foundation and have never used anything in the sides (in mediums OR deeps). I've not had any problems.
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    Re: THickness for pants

    In my experience, the thickness is less important than making sure that the pants are somewhat loose and not tight against your skin. I can wear thin jeans that are loose and never get stung through...
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    Re: Kentucky Bloom season, when to feed?

    It really depends on where in Kentucky, and also, how many frames they have drawn. If they are still working to draw their two deep brood boxes, keep feeding (my opinion). Depending on the rain and...
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    Sticky: Re: Post Your Bloom Dates - 2015

    Berry KY 41003
  9. Re: Dadant Ranger Hand-Crank, out of balance right out of the box

    Nobody? Can anyone tell me how much wobble is normal? It seems the metal spinning basket inside is slightly out of round.
  10. Dadant Ranger Hand-Crank, out of balance right out of the box

    Today I purchased the Dadant Ranger hand-crank extractor. I am familiar with this model as my bee club has the exact same one and I have used it several times with no complaints. We got the...
  11. Re: Maxant 3100-H (hand crank model)... Should I order?

    And, if I do upgrade later, is it incredibly difficult to add the motor on? Or is it a fairly straight-forward process? Same quality as buying the motorized version from the get-go?
  12. Re: Maxant 3100-H (hand crank model)... Should I order?

    Thanks all! I have 8 hives currently, but only plan to extract from 4 this year. I am hoping that I will continue to grow and increase, and can upgrade to the power version when I can afford it. ...
  13. Maxant 3100-H (hand crank model)... Should I order?

    I have been using the club extractor (for free), but it doesn't do deeps. I really need the ability to extract deeps, but I am on a TIGHT budget.

    Any suggestions? I have spent countless hours...
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    Re: Bes foraging grain/feed ?

    In the spring our bees forage on the chicken feed. I believe they are after it for the protein (just like pollen), and probably signals that they are gearing up for brood.
  15. Re: What price to charge for strong beehives I have to sell?

    If you are certain you want to sell them let me know. I live in Northern KY and would be interested in purchasing them.
  16. Re: Allow aggressive hive to requeen or use queen from different genetics?

    Sadly I am in a similar situation, but in Northern KY. I have a hive that started as a nuc purchased this spring (from Kelley, I think from down in Alabama or something). They are crazy aggressive,...
  17. Re: Beekeeper demographics - Ratio of male to female keepers

    I am a wife, a mother to a wonderful 4-year-old son, and a beekeeper. I enjoy it tremendously. My grandfather was a beekepeer, but so was my great-grandmother.
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    Re: Extractor question

    Cold water and a garden hose. Hot water smears beeswax and becomes a terrible mess.
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    Re: foundationless questions

    I am using the Kelley foundationless frames with the built in guide. So far they haven't messed it up much, so I guess they figured it out just fine.
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    Re: Best supplier for honey storage containers?

    I have been really happy with all of the containers that I have purchased from Dadant in Frankfort, KY.

    I have used these 1 lb glass Classic jars:...
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    Re: Nectar flow map and guidlines.

    Very cool! Thanks!
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    5/14/2013 in KY 41031 caught a swarm about 25 feet up in tree. Temperature was near 80 degrees and very breezy.
  23. Thread: swarm time

    by StacieM

    Re: swarm time

    Wow! That is a lot of bees! My husband called this afternoon and said someone collected a huge swarm yesterday in a neighboring county. I hope everyone has a successful swarm season!
  24. Thread: swarm time

    by StacieM

    Re: swarm time

    Awesome! Where are you located? I'm crossing my fingers for some swarms.
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    Re: Identifying which hive is hot - an idea

    Are you certain the bees in your yard are from your hives? If not, the bees that are bothering you may not even be yours.
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