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    Re: Moving Bees 2 Feet Forward

    We mover our bees all the time 4 feet in one direction and we haven't had a problem. MOSTLY backwards and forward is better then side to side for sure if you have more then one hive in a row. If you...
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    Re: wiring frames

    We never wax foundation any longer, the are easy to break when storing them, cost more to do, the time the take to build, the bees can eat the wax at the corners and bottoms so it isn't a full frame....
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    Re: Can Honey go bad

    I would say you will be fine.
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    Re: Vegans don't eat honey?

    We sell honey to a Vegan dinner. The say they love it.
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    Re: can you overfeed sugar?

    Nope if they don't need it they will stop taking it.
    We don't feed after September in Missouri as we feel it puts moisture into the hives and the bees can fan out the moisture before it gets cold.
  6. Re: Lots of Bees but no brood.. what happend?

    Give it some more time, pretty early. The bees know more then we do.
    Best of luck.
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    Re: How to move bees from here?

    Yes welcome to Bee source, I agree with Rader Sidetrack, good info and would do the same.
    Good luck and take your time don't kill the queen.
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    Re: Is getting stung pretty common

    Depends on their genetics, the day, the weather, if they are busy or not. The dry years they tend to be around the hive more and are borrowed, I find them to sting more.
    Best to go out to work your...
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    Re: Greetings from the Philippines!

    Welcome from Honey Hive Farms, Missouri
  10. Re: Hobby Beekeeping increasing in popularity

    Honey Hive Farms in Winfield Missouri has hands on beekeeping classes through the Spring and Summer. Last year we had almost 300 people at our farm for classes. This year is even looking busier. We...
  11. Re: beeswax from hive destroyed by beetles

    Wasting your time in our book. You may be able to trade it in for new foundations or get some credit for it.
    Watch those hive beetles.
    Good luck to you this new year,
    Welcome to Beesource
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    Re: Vote 'Best of 2013'

    Friendliest Member: RayMarler
    Most Helpful Member: JRG13
    Most Respectful Member: Barry
  13. Re: Something needs to change - looking for suggestions

    Treat for mites sounds like this would solve your problem.
    Api Guard and fogging with mineral oils would be a great start.
    Try to get a more mite tolerant bee stock.
    Sounds like your doing ok on...
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    Re: Bee Tree

    Be careful cutting the tree, you do not want it to fall hard as the honey will break loose and drown the bees, etc.
    These are fun but hard jobs every time we have done them.
    You will have to take...
  15. Re: Are you trying to introduce more genetic variety to your apiaries?

    Russians hmmmm. We believe that every two to three years you have to introduce new genetics. We found that our honey production would go down and our numbers of packages would be less if we did not....
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    Re: Hello from Ocean Beach

    Welcome Tom, nice area to keep bees.
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    Re: Hello from Ashland Oregon

    Welcome Rogue Bees.
    Oregon, what a great place.
  18. Re: Pollen, Propolis, or something else?

    It looks like pollen, nice to see the bees working this time of year.
    We do bees in Arizona and they are working everyday and bring in lots of pollen.
    Nice pic.
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    Re: R Weaver vs. B Weaver

    It is family, I have been told several times they had a disagreement and went there own ways. FAMILY I know how that is, we are a family owned business.
    Heard it was as simple as one wanted to...
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    Re: Ignorant Question

    I agree with Harry V.. VHS is nice to have and our bees have it, but we don't count just on that. Fogging or Apiguard and nothing to toxic for mites.
    A strong hive is a strong hive and that to me...
  21. Re: Nanotechnology bees is it coming and if so where does that leave us

    Here is another article on robot bees.
    This one has a video of them working.
  22. Re: Should a 3 pound package be started in 1 or 2 mediums?

    First box let them pull out most of the frames before you add a second. To much room is bad too.
  23. Re: Nanotechnology bees is it coming and if so where does that leave us

    Here is some more info on the robot bees. Pics they are attached to wires right now
  24. Re: Hi from Southern Missouri & I'm brand new here

    Welcome Bzzzz49
  25. Nanotechnology bees is it coming and if so where does that leave us

    If Nanotechnology is able to make a bee or something like a bee what will happen to the pollinators? They are already trying to use bumble bees, etc so what happens to the honey bee?
    Would like to...
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