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    Re: SARE and Grant ideas

    Let's be a bit clearer on the facts. There are multiple funding sources within SARE. Some go to large Universities and some smaller grants go to farmers and producers- perhaps they are serious...
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    Re: Think I have Sacbrood

    I am reading up on this and the test kit says it has a lot of false negatives! Bummer. No false positives but can have false negatives.
    Anyone else seeing an increase of EFB around?

    Did you...
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    Re: Analyzing sugar roll results

    Anyone else find these high thresholds. Randy's are more like 2%
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    Re: Fischers honey be gone or bee be gone or somesuch

    I can see why it might not work so well after years of loving this method. Also possibly an economy of scale issue. Works great with a few colonies and when the sun is out- not so well when it is...
  5. Re: need a local beekeeper from around north alabama who raises queens.

    Keith Fletcher in Huntsville. Dalton Book Farm. FATSCHER on beesource
  6. Re: What's the best wintering configuration for small hives

    I'm with acebird- leave them as they are since they are way into set up for winter. I have done both ways and both seem to work here in VA.
  7. Re: Upset neighbors. Must part with or move my hives.

    the "bee fest' at the sodas make me think feeding bees more might allieviate some of that
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    Re: Honey color for contest?

    maybe they thought pint jars would be easier for folks to get?

    A handbook for Honey Judges and Beekeepers Exhibiting Hive Products- by James R. Thompson. Also Plenty of information can be found...
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    Re: Honey color for contest?

    In my quest to learn everything I can about honey shows, I found a great handbook for Honey Judges and Beekeepers Exhibiting Hive Products- a workbook type book by James R. Thompson, an Ohio judge...
  10. Re: Newbie and Varroa Concerns and Fall Flow

    Seems to me that you would see very spotty pattern from where they uncapped the larvae if this was a result of hygenic behavior. Are you sure you are doing your test correctly?

    The Irish are...
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    Re: honey show how far to fill pint jar?

    Look at the rules, and see if they have the judging criteria- that is really what you need to see- most will have criteria on fill line and specifications. Most honey shows require no visible air...
  12. Re: How successful are double screen boards for overwintering a small hive on a big o

    That in my experience will be a big error. Bees are well on their way to setting up their winter cavity now. I hate to change anything about their set up now and only do if I have to combine.
  13. Re: How successful are double screen boards for overwintering a small hive on a big o

    Most certainly not the only way. I am sure it is a way that works well- but many of us winter hundreds of them just fine in single 4 and 5 frame boxes on a small stand. Deeps. Mediums need 2 boxes...
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    Re: Apply FA on nucs?

    Here that would be too early for OA- more like Nov/Dec and this year I did see a marked decrease of mites come Spring. But i would not know that without testing. I am a big fan of testing a few in...
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    Re: Apply FA on nucs?

    My friends here do it on nucs. Same way- but not sure on the ML dosage. I assume you mean 5 frames? In general when using this home made solution, do you take the paper towel out within 24 hours?
  16. Re: Where/how to store harvested supers until extraction day

    Here in Virginia we stored ours for at least 4 days in a make shift warming room. A big closet with a heater and de humidifier. No problem. I have also stored them in my living room- but yes, put...
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    Any interest in a forum on Honey Shows?

    What's the interest out there for starting a HONEY SHOW Forum on bee source? We could share show rules, organizational tips, how you set it up, successes and challenges, classes and training you...
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    Re: colonies absconding from nucs

    All very interesting. I have not had any nucs abscond yet. And generally it is very hot and very humid here throughout the summer in VA although this summer is significantly cooler. I have made...
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    Re: Difficult time finding insurance

    Sigh- In your dreams John! But what a good idea though. The VSBA is not even registered with the State as an organization as far as I know nor with the IRS - they just keep collecting dues and...
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    Re: quiet box not quiet

    Try covering both the nuc box and the colony full boxes when they are separated- Both under and over. I find that keeps them quite calm.
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    Re: SHB populations low this year?

    Super low SHB here too, a bumper honey crop, great success with queen mating, and nearly 100% winter survival. i think that cold winter of 2013/2014 ROCKED fro the bees!
  22. Re: What's this Northern Virginia weed bees love?

    Ask Louise... We've had tons of White Sweet Clover but I thought most of it dried up along 66. maybe recent rains have more blooming now along PW Parkway.
    Other than this year, the best honey...
  23. Re: Overwintering Nucs- Bees filling frames with honey

    If there is a nectar flow or feeding heavily- having them draw the foundation works well. Or freeze the honey frames and give them back later in August or Sept depending on what the nuc looks like.
  24. Re: making up fall nucs for overwintering (TBH)

    Can't speak for tbh configertations but have made OW nucs in Virginia for a few years now with great success. You want 3 cycles of bees so the bees in the nuc are strong and of that Queen. Consider...
  25. Re: Cut Comb Honey: Issue with Wax Foundation

    I am NO expert but a comb honey new bee. I found that few if anyone or anything I read explains how to prepare the frames- and I too had the foundation just drop out not understanding why. Most...
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