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  1. Should we reuse old comb from a TBH where the bees just disappeared?

    At the beginning of spring last year, we had three strong TBHs (Bush bees); we had purchased one package in February of 2011 and put them in the hive in April, I think. We moved the hives down away...
  2. Oh no! Opened TBHs-lots of mold-one hive nearly all dead!

    Yesterday we ventured to check on our two TBHs to see how they made it through the winter. This is our second winter. Last year we had three hives make it through the winter with placing insulation...
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    Montana top bar beekeeper

    Hi, we live in northwest Montana. We started top bar beekeeping in 2010 with one hive. That summer our hive swarmed a few times and we were able to catch two swarms to fill two more top bar hives. We...
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