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    Re: Feeding Question

    My splits look like that with a reducer. Sugar water will be fine. They like it better than candy. Tims bees are tough. They fly at 39 degrees if its sunny. If you have water for them near the hive...
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    Re: Queen Releasing Question

    When in doubt get the smoker ready so if you need to use it, its there. We don't use it most of the time but on those days.... Before we put our queen cage in (ours are splits) we put a piece of wire...
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    Re: Queen Releasing Question

    Looks like there it will be above 60 on Thurs and Fri. with only 40% chance of rain. We left cork in too. Last year we had queens 2 or 3 days with cork in (think one ended up 4)then put in...
  4. Re: First Winter, not sure if they have enough honey

    We used Lori's recipe and added some the last warm spell before that cold snap. Just in case. Mike didn't want to wait until after Stock Show. It was too windy here on to check this time to see how...
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    Re: New wind break for my hives

    Our bees kept crashing into the plexiglass "windows" on Mike's Bow(making) Shop and he ended up having to drill some bee escape holes in them for the bees stuck in the shop to get out. They could fly...
  6. Re: Did I do this right? - Winterization West Central IL

    I put 1/8 inch screen under the insulation. Bees liked the taste of R-5 a lot. :( Used 1x4 for attic.
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    Re: New Bee Keeper from Denver, CO

    Heya from just east of you in Bennett
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    Re: Mann Lake Winter Inner Cover?

    Our bees really loved the flavor of the pink foam that came with ours. :( Making a couple of changes now.
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    Re: Quick Question About Salt

    We put out a small hunk of the horses salt block under the hive stand and Redmond Rock who makes mineral rocks for horses also makes small 1 oz. "Critter Rocks" so we put one of those there too. From...
  10. Re: Bees Buzzing Outside Light at night ??

    Mine came after my flashlight one night. Didn't go after Mikes, he has a LED flashlight. Been using his going past the hive to check horses b4 bed at night since.
  11. Re: First Winter kinda Stressing hope not too stupid questions

    Not to worry, was not keeping the feeder box on. Putting a chimney cap on the notch, so no direct wind to get in and girls still have their entrance and vent to outside. Mike is a builder, so this is...
  12. Re: First Winter kinda Stressing hope not too stupid questions

    The 4th box was their feeder box. They had quart jars on shims but were using it also as a top entrance. The 3 deeps are full. I read merince's guide as soon as I saw it on another post recently....
  13. Re: First Winter kinda Stressing hope not too stupid questions

    Wood thing under my upside-down foam insulation is the new inner cover with the candy mold. The bees revolted when we tried a queen excluder. Didn't want to go through it. The 2 deeps were...
  14. First Winter kinda Stressing hope not too stupid questions

    Got some more first winter questions for y’all. We are at 5440 feet, slightly above a mile high. Just east of Denver on the beginning of the eastern plains. Always somewhat windy, sometimes very...
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    Re: New in Colorado

    Thanks :D
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    Re: Delayed swelling???

    My husband looked like the Michelen Man from fingers to elbow and knee to ankle when he got stung 2 times ago. Took 2 days for full swelling. Couldn't put on boots for 3 days. Last time not as bad....
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    New in Colorado

    We are at the beginning of Colorado’s Eastern Plains, just east of Denver. My husband I just started beekeeping this past spring. We only started with one nuc since we both have had serious...
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