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    Re: Problem I have never seen before

    If you have a deep with drawn frames, just do exactly as Vance suggested. It's the easiest, no killing or maiming of queen or bees, etc. Afterwards, just rid the super of bees with a fume board. ...
  2. Re: Just added new honey super w/no comb should I feed sugar water?

    Pray tell, how does one "bait" them into a medium super, when there are no drawn medium frames and one is trying to keep the honey free of sugar water? OMTCW
  3. Re: Just added new honey super w/no comb should I feed sugar water?

    If each hive has two deep supers already drawn out and filled with syrup then they have enough of a population to sustain themselves without you helping them with more syrup. Your medium honey...
  4. Re: What causes some hives to do better then others?

    Did you start them all at once? Queen's genes, not much we can do until we find out what they have, then change queens. OMTCW
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    Re: Where are my swarms??

    There are some bee types whose swarms hang around a bee yard for some time, often long enough for the beekeeper to give them a new hive. There's the other type of bee, that never hang around and...
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    Re: splitting a laying worker hive?

    Are the eggs being deposited on the sides of the cells instead of at the bottom?
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    Re: Frame Question

    If you were to use wax foundation without the inner plastic core, over time the bees chew away the lower corners of the comb maybe to serve as passage ways, airways for getting rid of moisture from...
  8. Re: Queen excluder with top and bottom entrances

    As a northern beekeeper, I have found over the many years, that if the layer of honey over the pollen and brood is allowed to widen to 3" or more (it takes time and patience and doesn't always work)...
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    Re: One Strong One weak

    I wish someone would do some thorough research on the idea of switching positions between a weak hive and a much stronger hive to strengthen the weaker one. Having done that as a pollinator (350...
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    Re: Ventilation for the hives

    If you do not have problems with robbing you could push one box back about a 1/2 inch to allow a top opening or lift the top cover 1/2 inch? OMTCW
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    Re: Bees not drawing out foundations

    Just feed them. It's the drought. OMTCW
  12. Re: Advice for moving a hive a long distance?

    Two tie down straps for the sides and another for the the back and front. Those supers can and will shift when jostled. Regular stiff aluminum window screen folded over in a V and tucked into the...
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    Re: american foul brood

    Could also be that we are getting bees that are more resistant to it. When empty supers are stacked upon one another, newspapers placed inside and then lighted so that flames come out of the...
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    Re: Overfeeding?

    Wonder if the nucs were made from a hive originally having swarm cells.... Your theorizing would happen with such nucs. OR if they were swarms that were recently caught and sold as nucs, then...
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    Re: Natural comb frame?

    Wonder about the number of frames you have in the super. Ten or nine, or eight? They would only do that if the 3/8 in bee space is not being observed somewhere. Don't waste their effort, put...
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    Re: What do you think about this.....

    The original way may have been better. Just add a little apple cider vinegar to your syrup to "sweeten" it up for them. Works for mine when they don't want to take it. OMTCW
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    Re: screened bottom boards

    I take mine out when the temps are considerably warmer. Don't forget that the cluster's temperature for brood rearing is approximately 93 degrees. If your cluster is in the bottom deep,...
  18. Re: Whats the best way to uncap wax from a frame?

    Heavy duty electric filet knife, if you don't have too many hives. OMTCW
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    Re: Pressure treated for hive stands

    I don't use pressure treated wood of any sort for stands or anything bee related. Regardless of what a company may say, pt wood is made to keep insects away. Some beeks use screened bottom boards...
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    Re: Pollen in central ma

    Or witchhazel. OMTCW
  21. Re: Warm today, but cold coming, should I wait to put supers on?

    Never mind about the supering of the hive, you probably have an empty bottom deep super that you will have to reverse in a few weeks. That should take care of the supering for a couple of weeks. ...
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    Re: Do bees have a memory?

    They certainly do. For approximately 2 weeks or more during the summer (summer bees). When doing pollination, used to take the hives from one apiary bring them to the bogs, had to return them to...
  23. Re: Insecticide "Leverage 2.7", how bad is it?

    It's extremely toxic to bees. Do a search of it, you'll find the label. He should mow the floor of the orchard before any bees are brought in. Dandelions have a sweeter nectar than apples. As...
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    Re: adding supers question

    No problem during warm weather and a honey flow. Been doing it for years (50 +). He's definitely right, not only that but the nectar is evaporated quicker. He probably lifts his hive cover on...
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    Re: When to start Spring Feeding

    Also live in Southeastern Mass. but near the ocean so the micro climate might be different. "Rule of thumb" when the nights are consistently above freezing for more than a week then one could think...
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