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  1. Re: Easiest type of cell builder for a beginner

    One yard had 4 colonies. I combined the weaker two (removed the weakest queen), and gave them a frame of brood from the strongest. Now I have 3 strong colonies (each either 3 deeps or 5 mediums...
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    Re: Help. Queen cells torn down.

    Read the sticky, "My Cell Building Methods" above in this section on queens and breeding (You could alternately read Oldtimer's thread, "Raising Queens Without Grafting").

    If you use a single...
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    Re: Want to Expand


    You'll be sitting pretty in short order.

    As far as robbing goes, look into robbing screens. They keep the fights short and futile, as the screens render the hives easily defensible. Robbing...
  4. Re: How long before inserting your queen cell do you make up your mating nuc?

    I make the nuc's up on the trailer right after taking a peek to see how many to make up, and 24 hours before adding queen cells. I close them in with #8 hardware cloth doubled over, and a ventilated...
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    Re: From whom does the temperament come?

    I agree with JSL, although it does come down to YOUR bees, unless mating occurs outside your yard. Which ever tends to show more expression of hive defense in your breeding yard, males or females.
  6. Re: Question Regarding Egg/Brood Source for Queen

    If you are trying to produce a queen from it, why not make up the nuc' colony there then move the whole nuc' box?
  7. Re: Selection criteria for queen colonies and drone colonies

    Brad - graft or Cell Punch from BOTH your best queens. Export drone frames from ALL your colonies to your mating yard, where only nuc's and the drone colonies live. The Drones can be up to a mile and...
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    Re: Want to Expand

    Rebaxte -
    i'd suggest reading Dr. Lawrence John Connor's book, Increase Essentials. Knowing intimately the information in that book, especially the parts about Spring buildup math, will take you a...
  9. Re: Easiest type of cell builder for a beginner

    Peg - Thanks for posting the three rivers link to Dr. Cobey's paper on Harry Cloake's Method. I usually combine the best of Cloake's Method with Michael Palmer / Brother Adam's Method.

  10. Re: Mini mating nucs or standard equipment?

    This same question has popped up a lot since I first joined Beesource. One thing has become certain. Mating nucs tend to succeed much better with at least 3 frames.

    Another thing gets into a...
  11. Re: Whats your average date for the start of queenrearing

    The average is not the date to start!

    I watch the flyout rate. When the bees are really coming and going, they are approaching swarm strength. I want this - swarming impulse added to the queen...
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    Re: Who's got drones

    I've had drones for a month, now, but not enough colony strength to raise high-quality queens yet. My two largest colonies are ready this week, but the support colonies were really lagging.

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    Re: Queen Excluder Frame

    I make a "Breeder Queen Jail". It is a three - frame sized box with wooden ends, top and bottom, queen excluder sides, and metal brackets to hang it in the hive. "Top Bar"-type sticks (slightly...
  14. Re: Screened bottom board with solid board or without?

    Hello, Moxy! Welcome to Beesource!

    Ever since Dr. Susan Cobey started recommending powdered sugar treatment at the end of every inspection, I went to the following sequence.

    A flat wooden tray...
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    Re: Painting inside of a pollen trap?

    Just FWIW, my pollen tray under the screen is made of metal window screen with thin cloth over it. This allows some drying without mildew, mold, or rot - so long as you empty it at least every 2...
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    Re: Green Drone Frames

    Hi, dunit!

    I prefer foundationless, empty frames to green drone frames - empty frames are cheaper and easier than the green combs, but both are useful. I place them in the middle of the brood...
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    Re: Another Feeding Question

    You could try pollen substitute patties as well. I'm seeing great results with Dadant's Megabee patties. My mentor uses a different mix, and had great results last year, mixed results this year. Mann...
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    Re: Queen question

    Steve - I suggest using a Laidlaw queen introduction cage. It is a wooden rectangle 7/8" tall, 5" wide, 7" long, with #8 hardware cloth on top and a strip of sheet metal protruding 3/8" below the...
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    Re: Better Genetics

    If you only have a few hives, breed from ALL of your queens. You'll want the genetic diversity at first. Do keep track of at least the queen mothers.
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    Re: Who's got drones

    A dozen miles inland from the Left Coast, except for November and part of December, I had drones most of the Fall and Winter.
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    Re: How Long for Drones to Sexually Mature

    Most drones are ready from Day 37 form egg-lay through Day 45, after which they may still mate, but thy are diminishing from their prime. The Key to healthy drones is feeding pollen AND substitute...
  22. Re: Shop tools for wood working & Building Tips/Tricks

    +1 to Terry C.

    That's not far from my setup when I was starting out. I'd include a wood rasp and 10 pipe clamps all 36" long (2 are for diagonal pressure if out-of-square).

    The table saw will...
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    Sticky: Re: staple gun for supers

    I'm with Ross. Just bought a Campbell Hausfield 2-1/2" nail gun at a pawn shop for $17.00. It really does less damage to the wood in the finger joint area. I'm impressed. It also shoots shorter nails...
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    Re: French frame buidling jig

    A rack of 50 paint brushes and a matching glue tray really speeds it up. If someone comes up with a top bar holder oriented such that the same rack of 50 brushes glues up the appropriate surfaces on...
  25. Re: Process for boosting population in cell builder??

    You can newspaper combine colonies to make a queen cell builder colony if you need to. It does have to be STRONG. I do this a week before importing the capped brood. It really gets them in swarming...
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