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    Re: Colony update here in Pa

    Lost my first hive, was a late swarm. they were mostly up top hitting the sugar on top of the top frames, and stuck to the bottom of the moisture quilt, lots of honey in the bottom box, (Double...
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    Re: Northeast PA. Swarm in swarm trap

    Ok! I have to make a screened bottom board, get to the tore for some sugar and ill head up and give it a whirl. Ill keep y'all posted
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    Northeast PA. Swarm in swarm trap

    Yesterday at about 4:00 pm a swarm moved into my swarm trap. I think it's a bit late here and I don't know what to do. How much time do I have to hive them? Do I just dump them in a 10 frame...
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    what is honey bound?

    I have a 2 deep 10 frame hive, my bottom box is definitely the brood chamber, the top 10 frame deep is full of honey. I also have a shallow super on this hive for the last 3-4 weeks with 0 progress...
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    Re: Trap-outs successful

    did you have your funnel end inside the bait hive? or near it?
  6. need advice! bear damage. possible queenless

    Tuesday evening some time my hive got hit by a bear. He threw it around, but only damaged one frame of a double deep. I didn't notice the damage till wendsday evening. I didn't get the hive all...
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    Re: Identify this plant please

    looks like Brassica or rape. for deer food plots, but that little cluster in the center makes it look like broccoli.
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    Re: is too much honey possible?

    Thank you very much!
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    Re: is too much honey possible?

    our flow here in northeast pa is just about over, cold nights now 35-45degrees. If I leave all the full frames in the hive, will all be ok to just extract in the spring? This is my first year,...
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    Re: is too much honey possible?

    Ok, I went in! I put an empty deep next to my hive....opened up the top box and moved 4 frames of capped honey into the empty. I was then able to lift off the top deep. again let me say that the...
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    Re: is too much honey possible?

    I do not have any drawn frames. what are my options?

    can I pull a fram or two and slide an un-drawn frame in it's place?

    If I do that, How can I store that frame , in case I have to put it...
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    is too much honey possible?

    My first year hive is in a double 10 frame deep, I added the second deep about 4 weeks ago and it is now full 100%, the bee's have been very busy with the golden rod and I am concerned that there is...
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    Re: This Beginner Needs Guidance

    looks like two mediums, then a deep, then the feeder. That deep on top is gonna get heavy!
  14. Re: new guy here, I thought I was tough eneough....guess not

    Yes, but I hope to be able , at some time to convert the top 10 frame deep to an 8 frame deep. being new.... I dont know what to expect in the spring. Hopefully I can make the switch then. The I...
  15. Re: new guy here, I thought I was tough eneough....guess not

    two different sized frames? not a problem. looks ok to me. That will be the route I take.
  16. Re: new guy here, I thought I was tough eneough....guess not

    is there any drawback to making an adaptor to take my hives from a 10 frame deep on the bottom, then to a 8frame deep. I can make the adaptor. any problems doing that. (I already made a few 10...
  17. Re: new guy here, I thought I was tough eneough....guess not

    I'm a 48 year old male, the 10 frame deep I was trying to lift is about 4 feet off the ground to the top, It'S a bit tough to reach out and lift, I aborted the inspection. I saw a larve get kicked...
  18. new guy here, I thought I was tough eneough....guess not

    first year beek here, I have not been into the brood chamber in a few weeks, About a month ago I added my second deep. and two weeks ago I added a super, I had noticed that they were not touching...
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    Re: western ny - nucs for 2014?

    there is a member here, I believe Bill Davis, from the Bimghamton area,
  20. Re: Bees clumping on outside of hive in rain storm

    I was recently very surprised to witness the bee's, during a heavy rain storm, flying in and out of the hive. I would think that a couple big drops would take them out of the air BUT, they just...
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    Re: Not a carpentar making these nucs

    I cut some wrong and I added the piece back on that I accidentally cut off, drill some pilot holes,2" screws and lots of glue and add that inch back on, When finished, sand nicely and...
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    Re: Goldenrod in full bloom

    GR is screaming right now in northeast pa. Hive traffic is higher than I have seen since package install in may!!! they are in a frenzy!
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    Re: Sterilizing new canning jars

    12 quarts of pickled deer tong???? that a lot of deer to get 12 qts of toung's!!!! wow.
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    Re: what a beautiful site.

    how much honey can a hive pack in with this golden rod bloom, I added a super last night of un-drawn frames, about 3 weeks ago I added my second deep and pulled up two frames from below to get them...
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    Re: Need help identifying this ..

    seapro, in your first picture, I see a bunch of dead bee's in an open feeder. From observing on this forum, I'ld say your doing something wrong to have so many dead bee's.

    They appear to have...
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