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  1. Looking for Bulk Sugar Source in Georgia aka Scrap Sugar

    Anybody know where I can get scrap sugar bulk?
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    Re: Bulk Sugar?

    Looking for bulk sugar in Georgia; AKA scrap sugar.
  3. Buying Essential Oil Online to Feed Bees

    Could someone please educate me on the type of essential oils I need to buy? Also, please tell me an online supplier? Thanks!:D
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    Feeding Royal Jelly To Swarm Box

    Can I supplementally feed royal jelly to my swarm box of grafted cells to ensure that nurse bees have enough to feel all the cells.

    If possible, do I buy frozen or what? Who is a good supplier? ...
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    Swarm off house

    Ive caught several swarms over the years but this one has gotten me confused. Usually when I cant get the swarm "ball" all at once, I will take open brood frame and place in swarm box and scoop some...
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    Re: Can I Feed My Bees Gatorade?

    nectar flow ok now; Im thinking of feeding it to them in July or august after major nectar flow. Think I will try on a nuc or something. No beekeepers around me that I know of.
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    Can I Feed My Bees Gatorade?

    I have about 4 cases of outdated gatorade that I'm about to trash. Have about 25 hives and hate to waste anything. What kind of catastrophe will happen if I just put the gatorade in a community...
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    Re: Pledge to be a BSA Beekeeping Mentor

    Piedmont Bee - I pledge to be a mentor to a local boyscout seeking to attain the beekeeping merit badge. I am involved in cubscouts with my boy and was wondering why the boyscouts deactivate the...
  9. Frames of Brood and Bees and Raised Comb

    GEORGIA: Would like to buy frames of brood and bees and would like to buy raised combs of frames.
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    2010 Frames of Brood and Bees

    Looking to purchase around 60 frames of brood and bees; New Frames to Exchange or add $1.50 to Frame Price; Also interested in 20 to 30 queens or cells. Interested for pick up in Georgia or Florida...
  11. Re: Can I add medium super on November 28, 2009

    Thanks Dan
  12. Re: Can I add medium super on November 28, 2009

    Thank you.
  13. Can I add medium super on November 28, 2009

    Have a hive that I started from a nuc. Moved the nuc colony to a one story deep super this past May. I had the hive over at a friends house that had a garden. I feel bad because I forgot to put...
  14. Re: Help: I need someone to show me how to stretch a board!

    Thanks! I think I'll make the medium supers! The dowels are a great idea though if Im in dire need. Heck, I'll build a hive out of plywood. My bees aren't too proud to live in a plywood box!
  15. Help: I need someone to show me how to stretch a board!

    My dad dropped off at my wood shop about 30 1 x 10s that he got through some business dealings. I've been beekeeping for 3 years, have 12 colonies and I would like increase in colonies.

    TO THE...
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    Open Feeding

    Open Feeding is okay but remember to place the open feeder at least 150 to 200 yards from beeyard. Set up feeder in a way to allow the bees to land and feed; Sometimes feeding frenzy can drown bees...
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    Why would the swarm not go into the hive?

    I have caught three swarms this week and only hive one successfully; The first swarm, I vaccuumed all of the bees off the limb and put into a nuc; I went back later and they were gone;

    The next...
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