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    Re: Duck Dynasty honeybee question

    If you've ever been on a TV shoot and then watch the show, you'll learn the directors have an "unwritten script" set up and film the events. Then the producers cut the tape to make whatever storyline...
  2. Re: Do you check before you place your hives

    Commercial beeks have many hives inside flight distance of my house. I am not keeping bees here any more.

    Oh! Almost forgot... Entrance reducers. I'll only say that once.
  3. Re: I made making syrup a little easier on myself.

    I installed an on demand propane water heater with a ball valve plumbed to a water hose in my garage. I'm dumping 50 lbs sacks of sugar into 55 gallon drums and topping with super hot water. Use a...
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    Re: Todays inspection

    I wouldn't pull supersedure cells if you don't know what your looking at. The hive might have needed to requeen due to loss or decided to supersede her. The cells are their only chance of a queen...
  5. Re: how many hive bodies on giant swarm??

    I've used a double deep on one swarm this year. Like yours, way to big for a single. In exactly four weeks, they've drawn a ton of perfect white comb, and last week had tons of frames top to bottom...
  6. Re: when will newly installed packages settle down?

    I just tossed in 20 packages. Some are more exited than others after install. Some bearded, but stuck. I left my queens caged as they were just shook the day before install. Direct released the...
  7. Thread: Robbing?


    Re: Robbing?

    I would not use entrance feeders. Especially with small hives. Almost anything else could be better.

    I like using 1/2 gallon jar feeders on top of the hive with a small tube soldered to the lid...
  8. Re: bees coming what do I do with all this honey

    My newb guess is to put the drawn frames divide among the hives under two honey frames of honey in the top box. The rest would be foundation. Then I'd rent an extractor and eat the remainder honey....
  9. Re: Spring Management: Put leftover honey below hive bodies?

    Reversing boxes and putting capped honey below brood during a flow with a good laying queen even with empty upper room has resulted in instant swarm cells (for me). It was a great way to prep for...
  10. Re: Spring Packages - What Does ~ 20+ Million Bees look like?

    Wow. I drove to the beek picked up my packages today. It finally stopped raining and they had just shook mine and maybe 150 others. There was quite the stir. I can't imagine the buzz there must have...
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    Re: Man I got eaten up today

    I found 10 swarm cells in a big hive two weeks ago, and was just forced to split it that day. Didn't know how old the cells were and didn't have time to come back under better conditions. Wind picked...
  12. Re: Swarm Trapping in CA Desert and the AHB

    I've driven by you a few times going to Glamis. No bees there, but lots of sand. :)

    I don't know of any AHB tells besides for the obvious. I'm guessing you might be ahead to just plan on re...
  13. Re: Quote Randy Oliver,”when was the last time you tried something new for the first

    From what Randy said, his boys are stepping up and taking some of the work load off of him.

    Randy mentioned the same quote his class I just re-took with him. He is even wanting the new beeks not...
  14. Re: Quote Randy Oliver,”when was the last time you tried something new for the first

    I really enjoy hearing from Mr. Olliver. I'll see him coming up at a class he puts on for the local beek club. He is incredibly busy. I don't know how he does it all.
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    Re: First sting of the new year...

    My last two were to the face. Just above the left eye.
  16. Re: Building 4 frame nucs from ply. What I did with pics.

    Yes, and they look like great quality. But I'm looking to try out keeping nucs and don't want to spend too much. BetterBee nucs look to be $31 each (without frames) plus shipping. My boxes were just...
  17. Re: Building 4 frame nucs from ply. What I did with pics.

    I saw these. But they are too wide to stack next to each other, excluder, and super like shown in Michael Palmers videos. They also are only getting 4 nucs per 4x8' sheet. I'm getting near 5 per.
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    Re: Nuc boxes

    You could use two pieces of 3/4" ply to make a 1 1/2" divider and make two four frame. It keeps 3/4" of play in a 6 1/16" wide box with four frames in each nuc. The 3/4" of room is close to most 8...
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    Re: Nuc boxes

    I just did some 4 frame boxes.
  20. Re: Building 4 frame nucs from ply. What I did with pics.

    Thanks for the kind words. I do love the sunshine this time of year. It's great that it's warm, without being too hot yet.

    I am on a few forums around. ;) I did toss up this post on Arfcom to...
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    Re: what a weird start to this year

    Sending good thoughts your way!
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    Re: What is the obsession with WHITE???

    As much as I sweat in a white suite, I'm not wearing any other color.

    Hive temp. In Jan at 10:30 AM with only 2 hours and 15 min of sunlight and an air temp of 51 deg, the face of the box...
  23. Building 4 frame nucs from ply. What I did with pics.

    I wanted to add in nucs this year as seen in Michael Palmers videos, but Mann Lake nucs are $30 each and are the wrong size from being five frame. 1x12 is too spendy for just wanting to try something...
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    Re: Pollen in January

    Also in Northern Ca. Mustard and ornamentals are blooming. Lots of pollen coming in to my hives.
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    Re: Jesus agrees with Michael Palmer

    I had to laugh at the thread title... Jesus also said to eat honey!

    My son, eat honey, for it is good, and the drippings of the honeycomb are sweet to your taste.
    Proverbs 24:13
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