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  1. approximate price per hive for pollenation? Almonds maybe?

    Hello all, I am recently back into beekeeping. Started again with one package this spring. My wife and I were talking today and she asked what a farmer pays per hive for pollenation. I am not...
  2. queen needed, anyone know of a reliable source this time of year

    Looks like my only hive is now queenless. Anyone know of a reliable source that has queens in stock this time of year? Not having much luck on google. I am in the UP of Michigan. Thanks for any...
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    Too late to requeen in UP of Michigan?

    Hello all. I currently have one hive. I was inspecting them today getting ready for winter, and saw that the hive is queenless. There are 3 queen cells, one capped and 2 with larvae in them. I do...
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    Keeping bees again, UP of Michigan

    Hello all, Not really a new beekeeper, but getting back into the hobby. Had about a dozen hives in the mid 90's and got out of it for various reasons. 2 years ago in July a swarm found my barn and...
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