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  1. Re: Melting cappings in water jacketed bottling tank?

    Only modification is we have a SS screen basket made to put in front of the outlet to hold the slum back so the honey and wax can drain. After pouring each morning we let the tank cool for about an...
  2. Re: $229.00 for a package of bees

    Since you started this thread, his price is at $249 a package now. Now, how to change the heading on this thread?:scratch:
  3. Re: Melting cappings in water jacketed bottling tank?

    We melted down over 140 barrels of cappings this last year in a Maxant bottling tank. Right now it heats all of our syrup for feeding. Is there a better way, sure if you have $11K to put out. But...
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    Re: Nuc/Bee business plan?

    7 year average is 157 lbs. I start my hives in the spring with 2 lb packages from the south and I split 35-40% of those. If the hives are still to heavy with bees we shake package bees in May to sell...
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    Re: Nuc/Bee business plan?

    I have combs in my operation that is over 70+ years. Sell a package for $100 or sell a nuc with all the equipment for $135. Don't get me wrong we do put 1000-2500 new brood frames into the operation,...
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    Re: Beeswax for sale.

    Just finished up on capping melt down. I have 25 lb cases for $150 shipped. I have 62 cases for sale at this time. I also have my 16-1 lb bar retail cases (each bar is wrapped) for sale for...
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    Re: Nuc/Bee business plan?

    I'm mostly a honey producer, but there is always room for selling some bees. I'm one for shaking packages over selling nucs, because your not losing your combs. I buy all my queens for the packages,...
  8. Re: Extra depth deep hive bodies, anybody sell them?

    I still run a few jumbo in my operation. The operation I bought them from used them for honey supers.:eek:
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    Re: Ohio winter losses high?

    99.8% that was not shaken, is dead. .2% isn't worth talking about. All brood boxes was bone dry and had small dead clusters. Last years fall forge was the worst I've seen in over 20 years. Heading...
  10. Re: The 'queen excluder' synonymous with a 'honey excluder!'

    Best $$ spent. For every excluder that fails, will cost me an avg. of $100 a hive. 7 year avg. with excluder is 137 lbs.

    Ian, Your right about "You have to know how to use them". And maybe not all...
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    Re: Come on mud season!

    40 years and don't remember the ice piled that high before. Glad to see it start out Sunday.
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    Re: Come on mud season!

    Merince, Just glad to see the ice finally go out Sunday. Wife's store is safe for another year of business.:thumbsup:
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    Re: Deadout Clean up

    When blowing them out, only use about 40psi or less.
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    Re: To bee or to pack honey

    As a producer/wholesaler it was so much easier, then trying to retail a % of production. To many irons in the fire, and hiring employees is a waste of time and money. No one runs your business...
  15. Re: On-time package delivery for 2014?

    Johnny, I think your right on the money. Only time will tell about these early packages that are being shipped. I know of two different dealers that are pick up packages this week that is wondering...
  16. Re: On-time package delivery for 2014?

    The question is: are the packages from good suppliers. Price of packages and with the demand this year. I would be on the lookout:lookout: for SHORT SHAKEN on packages.
  17. Re: On-time package delivery for 2014?

    Bluegrass who is your supplier? Maybe we can put the packages you can't sell on one of my loads. Please tell me it's Wilbank's!
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    Re: Smokers

    Mark, Same here on the used baling twine. Don't know what it is, but the new stuff don't compare.

    Jim, Your right about taking the time first thing. Kind of sets the way the day is going to go....
  19. Re: Western Bee Supply - outrageous shipping costs!

    This is a joke right. Maybe Western bees is more setup for the comm.beekeeper. My order from Western came in $590 less then the others with shipping. Ofcourse my order came in on 6 skids.
  20. Re: On-time package delivery for 2014?

    It all sounds like a SHORTAGE to me.
    My hauler fits 900 packages and I only wish I could get more loads to haul to fill all the call orders that are coming in this last week. My phone rings as I...
  21. Re: On-time package delivery for 2014?

    Don't see it. The bee business is nothing today like it was back in the 80's. If Canada opens there borders again is, because of the problem that is at hand.:ws:
    The Extreme shortage started 5+...
  22. Re: On-time package delivery for 2014?

    The problem is they is getting to be a lot of new players in the game and they don't know what they are doing (beekeeper wise). All they can see is the $$$$, and the fat deposits that they run there...
  23. Re: On-time package delivery for 2014?

    It doesn't make any difference if all the queens are junk, because they didn't get the queens mated right. I would take a two week delay to get a product that will produce. Weather play a big part in...
  24. Re: On-time package delivery for 2014?

    My first load was scheduled for March 18, but glad they back them up two weeks. Just got another 7" of snow yesterday. Hives are set and ready for bees just need SPRING now.:thumbsup:
    Lloyd what was...
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    Re: Simpson`s Bee Supply

    Simpson's was just a name of a company for me two years ago. A lot of my honey dealer had told me about how good of deals Simpson's had done them. So two years ago when my wife decided to open a...
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