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    Re: Ready , Set , Spring !

    Yep, just happened to me. Checked the hives today and 1 of them had the bees clustered up and frozen on brood 1" from the honey. Moved then into the garage where it's nice and warm to see if they...
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    Re: Screwed up year not sure what to do

    I just had a similar situation in that I found one of my hives pretty weak this weekend. This was from a split that I kept raising queens out of last year, and I think the last one was a pretty late...
  3. Re: Swarm caught and swarmed again. 2 Y BK needs help.

    Just caught a swarm of mine today, swarmed again 15 minutes later, so added some uncapped eggs...problem solved, they're all over the frame now.
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    Re: Installing my first nuc. Oh my god!

    The Dregs,

    If you need somebody to come help you look at your hives, I'm relatively close over in NE Paulding County.
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    Re: Open Brood Nest without Drawn Comb

    Move them to a NUC and start a new hive!
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    Re: Split of a Colony


    The nurse bees will stay as they have no idea where the original hive is, they will orient to the current hive once they become field bees. You said the frames were capped brood. Are you...
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    Re: March Hive Check - post them here

    7 out of 10 have made it up to now. Had to pull a bunch of brood out today so they don't get too crowded and decide to swarm. Put in some foundationless frames for the wax builders to work on in...
  8. Re: Georgia Beekeepers - anyone seeing swarms yet?

    Just NW of Atlanta about 45 mins. Just got into my 7 remaining hives from the 10 I went into winter with. All are booming with brood in all stages. All have capped drone cells, but saw no drones...
  9. Seeing white wax being produced just north west of Atlanta

    Checked in on the hives today and saw that they are in full on build up mode. Starting to draw out white wax, bringing in tons of pollen, and all have nice brood patterns.

    Moved my two 5 over 5...
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    Re: Attacked by bees in SE AZ

    How is it a pain? I just throw in some pinestraw, get a good bit of fire, close the lid and I'm all good....when I don't do that, yeah they always seem to get me right where my veil touches the scalp...
  11. Re: Installing wax foundation without it warping???

    Let them build their own, use a starter strip of foundation (1" of foundation at the top) or use a popsicle stick/paint stick cut in half glued to the frame. It's a lot cheaper in the long run for...
  12. Re: Advice for new hives and swarm for upcoming winter

    I'm not much further south than you (Atlanta area) and I got a small swarm last september. I didn't think it would make it through the winter, but I fed it and it did and it was my best hive this...
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    Re: beekeeping HOA restrictions question

    Well, just received a letter back from the HOA regarding the mountain of evidence I left at their office and my letter stating I disagreed that I was violating the covenants. This included the...
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    Re: beekeeping HOA restrictions question

    So I talked to most of my immediate neighbors, the ones who were home anyways, and they all signed a document saying that the beekeeping in my backyard did not cause "embarassment, discomfort,...
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    beekeeping HOA restrictions question


    I just received a letter from our HOA stating I need to remove my beehives from my back yard. This is in Georgia.

    Letter states:

    Use Restrictions: bee keeping

    Please refer to your...
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    Re: My Small Swarm Has a Queen!

    Hautions11, I recovered a grapefruit sized swarm last year in September here in Georgia. It had been there for a few days and never left so I figured I'd see what would happen (was in my back yard)....
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    Re: Swarm prevention


    I didn't put the cappings out for them to reuse, it was so they could get what little honey was left in them back.
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    Re: Swarm prevention

    They're still building comb on foundationless up near Lake Allatoona. Ignoring all the cappings I've left outside for them after harvesting some frames as well. Something is still flowing for them...
  19. Re: Swarm/Re-queen delimma I could really use some advice on....

    You could add a frame of eggs/larve from your hive that has a laying queen to the one that has no eggs. If they start building queen cells off of that, you don't have a queen. If the don't, you most...
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    Sign that a flow is still on?

    So, got done this week with crushing and straining a bunch of frames. I put the residula was and equipment outside for the bees to clean up, but they haven't touched it for going on 3 days now. This...
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    Re: the beetles won

    Yeah, I almost lost a hive to them earlier this year. They're still recovering, but they'll make it. Amazing how fast those bugs can take down a hive.
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    Re: capped queen cells and laying worker?

    Why would there still be a bunch of nice fully capped queen cells then? That's what has me going, "hrmmmmmm...."
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    capped queen cells and laying worker?

    Went to check on one of my new packaged hives today. Found some beautiful capped queen cells, they had lost their queen some how, maybe killed her as her laying pattern was horrible. On the next...
  24. Re: HELP - Keeping Bees off Neighbor's Trailer (ASAP!)

    If all rationality is gone, tell him to spray the bees on the awning with hornet killer. They'll die right there and it won't make a difference in your population of bees.
  25. Any ways to reduce facial swelling from stings?

    Anybody have some good advice they've actually used to get facial and lip swelling down from a sting? My wife got hit right above her upper lip last night and today looks like she went through a...
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