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  1. Re: I was stung by some kind of ground bee - will it help with honeybee sting toleran

    Yellowjackets are mean little buggers! I've found 4 nests (the hard way!) in the past 2 weeks in the couple acres around where I have my bees. Been stung about 10 times on the arms & legs. It...
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    Re: European Hornets

    I've wondered about yellowjackets, too. I have my hive in the middle of a pasture of about 3 acres. This past weekend I found (the hard way, of course!) a nest while mowing at one end of the...
  3. Thread: Honey supers

    by ricjamvo

    Re: Honey supers

    I'm a newbie, too, but I have a question for you. Do you think using all shallows will give you enough comb for the bees to store enough to get through winter? The man who taught the class I took...
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