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  1. Re: Confused about queen piping I heard in my hive

    Great thread everyone. JohnG and Tenbears, your advice is concise and the thoughts are conveyed very well. I have actually read back threw them a few times to make sure it soaks in. I am a third...
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    Re: When do you remove mouse guards?

    Alrighty. I will. I'm still concerned about traffic at the entrance though. When do you think it's good to remove the entrance reducer then?
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    When do you remove mouse guards?

    I can't seem to remember the recommended time to remove the mouse guards from my hives. I'm in southern KS and right now our nights are averaging 40 F and days are in the high 60s or low 70s. My...
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    Re: I think I've got a problem..

    I did just find this link to a project in regards to tracking zombees. There is a map of affected areas. You can sign up and post your infestation. This is sort of a crowdsourcing idea to assist...
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    Re: I think I've got a problem..

    hex0rz, these are the same questions I am asking myself. I found a pile of dead bodies under a hive of mine here on south central KS a few days ago. I removed the decapitated bees from the area and...
  6. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    I apologize if I ruffled some feathers with my comments or questions. I have the utmost respect for those of you that have worked hard and manged to run a business keeping bees. I work extremely...
  7. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    I appreciate the advice for sure. I think I will continue to operate on a cash basis if I can. I've heard that the local farmer's markets have been getting checked for tax ID#'s and such. I just...
  8. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    Thank you all very much for your input. I have considered lots of your ideas, but there were some in this thread that I had not considered. I have built some of my own equipment and while it saves...
  9. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??


    I have often wondered if you can claim a loss in the honey production business. Do you think this would be feasible for someone wanting to run 5 or 10 hives? I am interested in doing...
  10. People actually make a living with honey production??

    I am a novice I suppose. This will be my third season as a beekeeper. My question is how in the heck do you make a business of honey production? The overhead seems ridiculous to me. By my rough...
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    Re: I've got 1600 lbs of honey, now what?

    Bottle that stuff and get to work. Once your name and reputation are out there, word spreads like wildfire. I would die to have 1200 lbs. of honey. My 2 hives made 76 lbs. this season and I was...
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    Re: Fondant is a pain

    Has anyone tried any fondant recipe that uses marshmallows for a main ingredient? I'm not sure if this would be feasible for bee health or not, but my sister in law is a baker by trade and her go-to...
  13. Just a plug for my Kansas beekeeping blog

    This year I started a blog in hopes of possibly helping someone in my area having a point of reference to what may or may not work in the area I live in SC Kansas. I haven't kept up with every...
  14. Re: Have you been turned off by a Beekeeping instructor?

    I don't want to step on your toes here my friend, but I feel the need to offer an opposing argument. In my own experience, I have had very limited positive experience with the purchase of...
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    Re: Winter Prep and Sugar Bricks


    I find your feeding method interesting. It's so hard to find glass jars with good lids that work well for this. I love the gallon can method. If they get too old and crusty, you simply...
  16. Strange situation with dearth/feeding in KS

    I pulled honey on Aug. 5. I left a 3/4 super full of honey on each hive (double-deeps) which also had honey packed into the upper deep boxes. When I went back out to make sure they still had...
  17. Ideas for cheap/easy ways to remove supers

    I have to pull my supers this weekend due to time constraints. I have two hives of which I will be removing six supers. I checked the hives last weekend, and the bees were extremely mad when I went...
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    SHB increase in the moist mid-west???

    Last year here in KS we were experiencing drought conditions and I never saw one small hive beetle. This year, we have had tremendous rainfall, which has been great for the nectar flow and terrible...
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    My latest swarm grab in Kansas

    Go and check out my latest blog video post of a swarm that I caught a few days ago at:

    Feel free to subscribe to my blog, leave me a comment or both. I try to have at least a...
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    Re: Moving hive a short distance

    Okay bison... going to check out that link right now. I will do that tomorrow morning or late evening. Although I'm not crazy about dumping bees in the dark after reading up on it. I may just move...
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    Moving hive a short distance

    I recently caught a swarm of mine from an adjoining property. I had gone unprepared for a swarm grab so I used the only thing I had. A 5 frame nuc with 2 drawn out frames. It was very full for...
  22. Help! Beekeeper friend lost queen rearing operation in AR to tornado

    A fellow beekeeper friend, Richard Vardaman has just lost basically his whole queen rearing operation of 11 hives in the recent tornado that passed through Pearcy, AR. His home and family are fine,...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Grabbed two today around 3pm here in the Wichita, KS area. Such a beautiful day, and very gentle and cooperative swarm grabs. Reminds me why I keep bees. God is good!

    - John
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    Re: Walnut leaves to control ants?

    Well, thanks for the reply Chemguy. I do have lots of respect for the long-time beekeeper who swears by this practice. I just cannot find anything in the scientific journals to back it up. It's an...
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    Walnut leaves to control ants?

    Has anyone tried using a small twig from a walnut tree on top of the inner cover of the hive to control ant infestations? I have read that Walnut trees contain something that can kill insects and...
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