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    Re: first time selling nucs question

    a nuc is 3-6 frames of worker bees, a queen, brood in all stages, and honey stores.
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    Re: Did I Just Poisoned My Girls?

    I have done it before but removed the next day like package install in the rain
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    Re: Help with drone laying queen.

    you will need to add frames of capped emerging brood to the that hive so the new queen has young nurse bees to tend to her
  4. Re: Observations of the first 24 hours of a new beekeeper

    wow your bees are that aggressive oh I see your in Texas my bees are not like that even my big hives nobody has time for aggressive bees keeping bees treatment free for 9 years natural comb
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    Re: Small cell bees and Survivor bees

    just place them with no foundation and don't treat keeping bees 9 years foundationless and treatment free.
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    Re: No Luck With Splits

    hello splitting doesn't have to bee hard try and make the nuc again but put in the place of the hive that donated the brood. you don't have to move the nuc 5 miles away
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    Re: Moving a hive of bees

    only your foragers will return to the old site on that day take a frame of bees and brood and frame of nectar and pollen place in a five frame nuc with a screened bottom for ventilation move your...
  8. Re: Caught a swarm. Any clue as to the type of honey bees?

    if there good tempered and they make honey and there alive that's a good bee
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    Re: How long can you hold package bees.

    get them I as soon as you can there feed can is probable out of feed
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    Re: Weed control

    I use weed barrier lol
  11. Re: My bees won't come out of their hives?

    I don't want my bees to come out in the winter they usually die in the snow when they land
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    Re: Cutting-out Malathion poisoned bees

    I usually charge $450.00 to do a cut out if at ground level and price goes up depending how high and the location of the hive. last cut out I had to lay on my stomach and crawl under a water heater...
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    Re: What the heck is the problem?

    sometimes bees leave for one reason or the other could have been the feed you fed them started to ferment in the hive if not prepared rite that's why I don't feed you never know if pesticides reside...
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    Re: Russian Bees

    well just to give you a idea your getting into I have all 3 of those breeds. just got the Italians this last spring all was fine until fall then no flowers "dearth" then the Italians robbed 2 of my...
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    Re: Black bees

    alright people it is not sick bees the pure strain of a German black bee has dark wing veins and the honey bee in the photo has that trait and the others with light wings and the black abdomen is...
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    Re: Mixing bee races with new hives

    the reason I have all those different breeds of bees is I like some of the traits in all those breeds since I open mate I hope to get a great mixed breed in time. like Russians wintering well...
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    Re: getting towns to ban polinators

    Im glad I live in Colorado and no migratory beekeepers near me the orchards area is the forty miles from me and they are gone before winter.
  18. Re: robbing of our new hive with black bees

    Hi missy the bee in the photo is the European dark bee in and it's a hybrid feral stock which you can tell by the yellow on the sides of the bee.the pure strain has no yellow on it. Hope that helps.
  19. Sticky: Re: How I plan on overwintering 40 mating nucs on mini frames

    the problem I have with the shamrock quad mating nuc is all the bees go to one side too and also if I have more then one queen in it. they get balled by the workers. next year I'm going to modify it.
  20. Re: Attention night owls.. Chat tonight…. mini nuc discussion… 11pm central

    are you on every nite
  21. Re: Brood nest on the edges of the hive not in the middle? Should I do anything?

    I have one hive that always uses there top entrance all year and never to bottom entrance. they also place the honey in the bottom deep even when I switch the bottom to the top they just move the...
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    Re: choosing first bees

    nwc are a good breed little to no swarms I always do a three frame split with them they build up fast too, winter well, good temperament, not runny on the frames and fly on cool temps. don't tend to...
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    Re: Foundationless Question

    older foundationless comb is easier too extract but you have to go at a slower speed so they don't blow out. but I only use a few frames of foundationless in some of my supers I have a few people...
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    Re: Making Spring Splits

    may split should bee fine I take a frame of eggs and capped brood with bees and two frames of honey with bees place in a five frame nuc. shake some bees inform a honey frame outside frames of empty...
  25. Re: Marin Bee Survey: Hobby keepers - a net population sink

    one problem is that most of the packages come from commercial bee keepers. for that reason I suspect that they were in pollination fields before sold which the orchards were sprayed before the...
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