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  1. Re: Spring has Sprung in the Pacific Northwest

    Tough to say what the pink pollen is from, but I've been getting a fair amount of it as well. I've also been seeing some purple, white and pale yellow. I'm pretty sure the pale yellow is mostly...
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    Re: discouraging sight

    I'm from a completely different zone than you, but here are my thoughts:

    Dead bees (even 50 feet or more from the hive) were likely dropped there by your undertaker bees. Watch the entrance...
  3. Re: What kind of bee is this and should I worry about it.

    I'm not convinced this is something you need to worry about. Looks like a solitary insect I've observed around here that doesn't seem to be a problem. Reduce the mesh size in your vents if you're...
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    Re: New Queen: Is she fertilized yet?

    For what it's worth, I would guess that she's mated.
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    Re: Bee swarms Washington St.??

    I caught 2 swarms last year (one in August and one in September) from one of my carni hives. The first one was a monster, [presumably] with the original package queen. It overwintered nicely and is...
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    Re: Ok, what got you into beekeeping?

    Large swarm worked it's way down a long driveway past a large barn and into a field where my buddy was to be married about 10 minutes later. Some saw it as a bad omen. Most of us found it...
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