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    Re: tankless water heater

    Just for (* comparison *) I checked our local Lowe's price's.
    30 gal gas water heater $401.24
    Gas Tankless water heater $848.00
    For even 2 week's use that is half price.
    Use your 20 lb. tank and...
  2. Re: 5 NUCS ready and NO QUEENS (HELP)

    Thank You Pine Ridge Farms
    I had not thought of that.
    This is the first time I have bought Queens that needed to go through the mail!!!

    Buy the way the Church at the end of my drive/lane is...
  3. 5 NUCS ready and NO QUEENS (HELP)

    I have 5 nucs ready for Queens that were shipped on Monday and no one knows were they are???
    The USPS tracking # states they left Pa. Monday 1:36 am.
    Our local P.O. cant even find out were they...
  4. Re: 5 gallon buckets- Home Depot or food grade?

    A jar of Honey goes a long way when asking for buckets at your local bakery.
    Have them place it in the break room.
    I was given over 200 icing buckets since Jan. 1 and they were even calling me when...
  5. Re: I definitely understand now why the hive stands work side to side, not front to b

    It looks to me like someone slid the hive to the right as your bottom block look close to level.
    If so just slide it back to the left and the block will set down level.
    Or just lift that side of...
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    Re: Lancaster Pa. area suppliers?

    Lazy shooter
    I Cary a hive body with me all the time in season.
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    Re: Lancaster Pa. area suppliers?

    Thank You all for the information.
    I went by Forest Hill and he does have some very nice equipment and we talked for about 1/2 hr.
    I picked up some moisture boards to try this winter as I build...
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    Re: Lancaster Pa. area suppliers?

    Thanks pahammer

    They are about 15 minuets away.:applause:
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    Re: Lancaster Pa. area suppliers?

    I thought about that but I have driven 1500 miles since last Friday and have to do it again this Friday/Saturday.
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    Lancaster Pa. area suppliers?

    I am visiting family in the Lancaster Pa. area and was wondering if there are any local bee suppliers in the area?
    I'm not getting any local hits on line but do remember reading about an Amish shop...
  11. 2 Queens in a 3 frame Observation Hive

    I have a 3 frame Ob. hive with 2 - 9" and 1 - 6" frame.
    The first 9" frame is fully drawn and 90% brood, the second 9" frame is about 1/2 drawn and mostly sugar water.
    To day when my wife and I got...
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    Re: Took the plunge... Bee TV!

    It looks very nice.
    I have one question though.
    Why did you leave the 3" space in the top?

    I have a small 3 frame OBH now and will be starting a larger one in about 6 weeks, so just wondering.
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    Drying plastic coated gloves

    How do you dry the inside of your plastic coated gloves?
    I have 2 pair and I cant seem to get the area around the hand dry.
    These are the cloth with the yellow plastic coating.

    Thank You for...
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    Re: Watermelon Pollination

    Go to Google Earth and put in the address and you will have a better idea of what is around his fields.
    That is how I check before starting a new yard some place.
  15. Re: Customer having "reaction" to my honey??? Input please...

    Sounds like an infection to my wife. (Bachelor degree in RN for 25 years)
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    #4 swarm in trap about 3 miles from home.
    They are bringing in pollen so they will be moved to the home yard tonight.
  17. Re: Aluminum flashing, strips and cutting for HIVE components

    Go to your local HVAC supply Co. and ask for a hand held bender for duct work.
    They come in 12" -24"
    You can cut the strips buy laying a metal square on the aluminum and scaring it with a razor...
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    Re: Swing Bucket Extraction?

    I have some in my wood shop.
    I'm a plumber, electrician and do HVAC and restore antiques.
    Here is one made of Knex, maby you could use PVC???
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    Re: Swing Bucket Extraction?

    Hear is a link to a bucket extractor.
    It will save your arm.
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    Re: Robber Screen

    take it off for a day and see what happens.
    If the robing starts again put it back on.
    My robing screens have 3 openings so I can adjust as needed.
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    Re: Organic honey?

    It would be nice to know more about what is considered Organic.:scratch:
    I know there are no crops with in 10 miles or more from my home hives as I live in part of the National Forest.
    And yes I...
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    Re: How to? Swarm just went in

    I would go in and get them. It's better for them to start house keeping in your hive body now rather than later.
  23. Re: Any reason not to use this as smoker fuel?

    I but my smoker in an ammo case. $25.00
    They are air tight and fire proof.
    It will burn it's self out when your finished and you have chard material for next time.
    Oh and no smell in the truck.
  24. Re: People Can't TakeTheir Eyes Off My Shirt

    Nice job!!!
    Clear and to the point.
  25. Re: People Can't TakeTheir Eyes Off My Shirt

    The question now is WERE IS THE SHIRT for us to view???:scratch:
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