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    Re: Sugar Water Spray?

    I used to use a very light sugar syrup and a few drops (in a quart of liquid) of HBH. Now I just use the HBH and skip the sugar as I didn't like the dried syrup getting on the outside of the hives...
  2. Re: Ideas for collecting dead bees to feed my fish

    Hopefully the user named Phoebee will see this. He mentioned awhile ago that he had seen (and perhaps built for himself) a passive dead-bee collection device that is used in academic or commercial...
  3. Re: Hi from NE PA 2-3 "girls" flying out together?

    Another likely possibility is two bees collaborating by carrying hive debris together. The load and their close proximity to each, which messes up their aerodynamics, often makes them look they are...
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    Re: Beesmax products

    I am puzzled by your comment, DPulanski.

    Betterbee sells (and I have) the BeeMax styrofoam hive top feeders, that fit the 10 -frame wooden ware (and maybe also 8-frame wood, I don't know since I...
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    Re: Best Manner in Which to Feed

    I use the BeeMax hive-top feeders as they are easy to refill. I don't like to put much syrup in at one time as it will spoil in hot weather, so ease of filling is very important to me. The BeeMax...
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    Re: Fever following multiple stings

    I don't know if the fever and headache are due to the stings, but seeing that you from PA, I wondered whether you have had any tick bites within the last two weeks?

    I am just getting over my...
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    Re: Beesmax products

    As you know, I am a happy Betterbee customer. Almost all of my equipment comes from them.

    I think their wooden ware is very nice, and extra thick. To be honest, I've never price compared wooden...
  8. Re: Swarms in Upstate NY, anybody seeing any?

    Last year I had three swarms to my barn walls in late May, early June. (These were all cut-out and became my hived-bees.) I was prepared with enough equipment for the same number, but so far only...
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    Re: How to stop robbing

    I have two very large colonies sitting next to the divisions (splits) from another colony which are much smaller in size. These were cut down splits (and the re-splits from one of those when I was...
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    Re: What to do with honey from a cut-out?

    In my experience from my cut-outs last summer feeding out-of-comb honey created huge problems.

    Open-feeding created honey-riots and masses of honey-drunk and drowned bees. And even trying to...
  11. Re: Robbing Screen- Will it cause bees to reorient?

    In my experience robbing screens are only mild re-orientation prompts, not as strong blocking the whole entrance area with a slanted board and a maze of branches.

    But your distances are quite...
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    Re: Looking for bees in upstate NY area

    Betterbee raises (and of course, sells) some nucs of their own (in addtion to bees from Jester's and Michael Palmer). I think they are starting next spring's bees right now.

    Also, there are local...
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    Re: Foundationless OPPS

    Don't feel too badly, earlier this spring I lifted a box that had ten gnarly wild combs hanging down from medium frames in a medium-plus-comb depth box combo. (Stupid, first year beek that I was last...
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    Re: A Question about Splits

    Regarding moving the split to full sized deep rather than a nuc, you might consider what I have done when I have an under-strength colony for one reason or another: I position however many frames I...
  15. Re: overwinter nuc location and configuration

    I in northern NY and my wintering stand has all hives snugged up together, facing the same way, with panels of foam insulation strapped around them as a block (sides, back, and fronts.) Some of my...
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    Re: Beginner with lots of questions

    Hello from a fellow Capital Region (2nd year) beekeeper.

    A couple of quick suggestions: Join Southern Adirondack Beekeepers Association, ASAP. They have great programs, including (for members)...
  17. Re: Confused on what goes on the bottom board

    You need to buy a screened board arrangement and set it on top of your solid bottom board, below the lowest hive box.

    I turn my solid bottom board around 180 degrees so that the current entrance...
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    Re: Anyone else know about bee huts?

    Personally whenever I want to move a hive I strap the daylights out of it and get my hubby to fire up the diesel tractor and away we go:


    Now permies might object to the diesel part, but...
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    Re: Varroa and drone brood

    The trade name (at least one of them) of the corrugated plastic board is Coroplast. You can get it in various sizes from online shipping supply companies. One such is U-Line, and I am sure there are...
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    Re: Robbing! Advice needed

    Agree! Applying a robbing screen in the midst of a felony-in-progress always (for me at least) gives the appearance of making things much worse, at least temporarily. Bees on the inside of the...
  21. Thread: larva

    by enjambres

    Re: larva

    And look on your bottom board and on, and under, any varroa monitoring sticky board for similar larvae and squash 'em dead. Don't knock them off on to the ground as they pupate in soil so dumping...
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    Re: How is the sourwood so far?

    May I ask a favor? I purchased some small bare-root sourwood trees and they are just starting to leaf out (that's OK because these will be grown in a protected nursery setting for a few years).
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    Re: Peaceful Hive Settings

    Lovely pictures from all!

    And BeeWhisperer, if you please, I would love to get a link to those stand plans. That looks like a great idea!

  24. Re: Why are beekeepers needed? Is it possible to put them in the wild w/out human he

    Since you're a business woman, I'll put on my own business woman's hat and say this:

    If there was now a varroa-proof, self-sustaining bee strain in existence the person who could make or produce...
  25. Re: Relocating a Packaged Hive After 2 Weeks

    Yes, try to make the move (if it can be arranged) just before an expected 1-2 day period of cool, rainy weather where the urge to forage is decreased. And lean some leafy branches, more than you may...
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