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    Re: Sainfoin Success

    Good to see more sainfoin success. I just planted 24 acres of sainfoin this past April. Right now it's in full bloom and my honey bees are going crazy on it. It's doing really well considering I'm...
  2. Thread: What to plant?

    by sky_guy

    Re: What to plant?

    I also agree. I know I talk a lot about sainfoin on this forum and I'm sure everyone's getting sick of it, but it's a fascinating plant. As long as your soil conditions are right (well-drained, high...
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    Re: Melting wax cappings in the winter.

    What happens if you fill some of the cells? I've been painting wax onto my plastic foundation all winter in preparation for my first hives this spring. In the process of painting, some of the cells...
  4. Re: plantings offset some of the feeding costs.

    Interesting. Thanks for the insight.

    So say I wanted to know if my bees were working the sainfoin exclusively. Besides the taste-test method you mentioned in my other post, could I examine the...
  5. Re: plantings offset some of the feeding costs.

    I really like the idea of planting for honey bees, even though they will forage the 8,000 acres around them as Mr. Bush mentioned. Every little patch helps. Just think, what if everyone planted as...
  6. Re: plantings offset some of the feeding costs.

    I think honey bee "pastures" are a great idea. I'm in the process of establishing one myself with 24 acres of 'Delaney' sainfoin. But I wouldn't recommend sainfoin for NJ. Tends to struggle back...
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    Re: Hello from Northern Utah

    Welcome! I'm from Cache Valley too (also an Aggie) and I'll be starting up some hives this spring as well. There's a free beginning beekeeping class tomorrow night that you might find helpful. Here's...
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    Re: Trip to emergency room

    Update: It's been over a month since my emergency room experience and anaphylaxis. Yesterday I was tested for stinging insect allergies. Turns out I'm highly allergic to wasps, yellow jackets and...
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    Re: Bees favorite plant

    Has anybody mentioned or had experience with sainfoin? While I don't have any personal experience yet, it seems that most sources report sainfoin to be one of the best honey bee plants there is.
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    Re: Trip to emergency room

    I just had a similar experience last week. I was stung behind my ear by a wasp/hornet of some kind. Five minutes later I was completely covered in red hives and large white welts. My wife drove me to...
  11. Re: Looking to start beekeeping in northern Utah

    After doing a bit more research, I think I found the answer to my question here:

    Food containing honey may be designated according to...
  12. Re: Looking to start beekeeping in northern Utah

    Okay so the idea of "pure" sainfoin honey is out. 25 acres is definitely too small to ensure pure anything. But would it be safe to assume that while the sainfoin is in bloom that the honey produced...
  13. Re: Looking to start beekeeping in northern Utah

    I see your point. I was hoping maybe if I placed the hives near the center of the 25 acres of sainfoin fields the bees might decide to stay within the area since it's surrounded by grassland. I guess...
  14. Looking to start beekeeping in northern Utah

    Hello all. Decided to try a new hobby (perhaps even a small side-business) and start beekeeping. I have 25 acres of family-owned land to work with. Its sat fallow and unused for years, used to be...
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