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  1. Re: What do you find to be the most efficient feeder?

    I went to frame feeders last year and havnt looked back since!! I use the cap and ladder system and have very few dead bees. I also like the fact that I can just shift the top over and fill the...
  2. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    I am a very small sideliner with big aspirations, or at least bigger aspirations! With almond pollination prices double what they were less than a decade ago and honey almost four times as much as it...
  3. Thread: 2 of 3 Dead

    by BeeGhost

    Re: 2 of 3 Dead

    x2. I think hive #1 was robbed out and the queen or an abundant amount of worker bees were possibly killed in the process and they failed to be able to make a new one and the hive crashed. Hive #2...
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    Re: Tarantula Hawk wasp friendly or foe?

    They go purely after spiders. They are really docile compared to yellow jackets, they have no interest in going after humans at all, infact, you are more likely to get stung by an aggressive bee than...
  5. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    My first hive and package of bees cost me over $300 from a bee keeping supplies store, I quickly learned about other venues to get my supplies from a lot cheaper and also what I should make and what...
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    Re: Honey vs 2:1 sugar feed

    The main thing is they wont break the cluster to go and hit the syrup in a feeder. They will hit the stored syrup/honey that is in the comb in the middle of the cluster though.
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    Re: Business decision

    That is exactly what my grandpa always said!! 32 acres is a decent amount of land a lot can be done with it, even if it is just bee related. Plant trees along the perimeters, build a pond, and grow...
  8. Thread: Theft

    by BeeGhost

    Re: Theft

    WesternWilson, if you shackle everything together you would be doing the thieves a favor, run up, grab the hive and no worries about it coming apart, put it in the truck and away I go. We are...
  9. Re: Does OAV somehow ruin uncapped or capped honey?

    I think the concern is that the hive is being treated so it "may" contaminate the honey. Honestly, I don't think there is one bit of harm to honey if the hives were treated with OAV with supers on....
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    Re: Have you ever proselytized for beekeeping?

    "Makin' moonshine" is my response...........followed by nervous checkers with widened eyes!!!! Sometimes with sales its cheaper to buy small bags than the big ones, just a bigger PITA than a couple...
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    Re: How Oxalic Acid Vaporization may kill mites

    SNL, so if OA treatments actually become legal, will this mean that the company or companies that make the stuff be bought out by larger cooperation's and the OA be sold at a much higher price?? I...
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    Wayne, do you really think they don't have a legit cure for cancer?? With all the money being thrown at cancer foundations??? Call me looney, but I think there really is a cure out there but the...
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    Re: Foundation or not?

    I have a bunch of foundationless frames, thought I would save money (I did) and let the bees draw their own frames out, and they did..........some really nice frames and A LOT OF messed up frames and...
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    Re: Using the Varrocleaner

    Vinegar in the syrup, for Varroa control?? I could see the vinegar being used to bring the Ph level to a certain level in the sugar syrup, but never heard of using it for Varroa control?? Never heard...
  15. Re: When to use oxalic acid vaporisor in south Texas?

    With OAV you can use it pretty much anytime of the year. I imagine your climate is pretty steady even in winter. You will need to treat once a week for at least 3 weeks straight when you start, and I...
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    Re: Mating yard questions.

    Last spring I made up mating nucs which were also loaded with drones. I put those mating nucs right on the edge of a large, flat clearing that would seem to be the perfect DCA and im sure with the...
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    Re: Why do you use leather Gloves

    I only use rubber gloves when treating hives, I too hate dumping out a gallon of sweat after using them even on cool days. I use leather gloves because they are tough and no need to throw them in the...
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    Re: how to kill hive of bees

    Mark, send some of that weather out here to CA please!!! Im getting tired of anything over 95 degrees everyday!! Oh, send some of the wet stuff too please!!
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    Re: how to kill hive of bees

    Yup, shake and bake!!! Let the strong hives accept and decline the refugees from the laying worker hive. Trying to save one is a waste of time in my opinion.........instead of taking a frame a week...
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    Re: AHHHHH RATS!!!!

    Ive never ever heard of this. I find it really hard to believe as I destroy the burr comb between boxes when ever I inspect them and have not had them abscond.............ever, due to that.

    I have...
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    Re: I've got 1600 lbs of honey, now what?

    I agree with this one, I posted an add just for fun to see what would happen...........not one hit on 1 pound bottles that were priced the same or less than other postings, and I was the only one in...
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    Re: New beeks effects on beekeeping

    The small guy is not effecting the big guy at all. The small guy like myself works with small almond farmers like my almond guy is. Is it worth it to the big guy to drop 10 hives here, 10 hives...
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    Re: What can I do about varroa mites?

    I agree with JWChestnut, this is really late to make splits without a mated queen. Even without the first bee hatching out in late September, you have to worry about the drone pool right NOW. My...
  24. Re: Best start time for an OA vaporization series?

    I just finished my OAV treatments for the summer. I did a treatment every weekend for 3 weeks. I started in the early morning just after day break (mostly because of high temps and having to lock the...
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    Re: USPS FAILS at delivering queens

    The USPS does suck at shipping anything live, period. The really don't give a **** about anything alive. Its more of a hassle than putting a toy car in a box and sending it on its way, but they sure...
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