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    Re: sanitizing honey containers

    I don't know about the containers that you buy there in nova scotia, but what I buy here they are ready to go out of the box. The only thing I've had to do in the past is use some pressureized air...
  2. Re: Transporting Queen Cells and Making Splits - Advanced Advice Needed

    I have in the past been able to get more than one queen off of a frame by being into the hive before the 1st queen has a chance to kill off her sisters. I located the virgin queen, put her on...
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    Re: What is better -- Bees or Honey?

    I would say that it's like real estate. Location? Location? Location? If you are in South DAkota surrounded by alphalfa or clover then maybe honey is best for you. If you are here in Misery where...
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    Re: securing a publicly accessible hive

    Motion activated Sniper rifle....
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    Re: Extracting "Foundation-less" Comb

    What he said, except mine is the manual version and I just to tangential since I had less troubles with it.
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    Re: The Miracle of Going Foundationless!

    This is why if you are foundationless it's best if you just stop with the habit of turning the frame where the comb is horizontal. It's a habit you can break it. You can look at all you need to...
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    Re: The Miracle of Going Foundationless!

    :thumbsup: I'm all foundationless here and have been on everything beyond my starter kit 11 years ago.
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    Re: Wooden Hive Top Feeder

    I've build these for my DCoates 5 frame nucs and I seal the joints with silicon calk, then I hit the bottom and sides with melted beeswax. I won't worry too much about if it's soaked into the wood...
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    Re: Do you destroy these types of structures

    Might as well leave it, where else are they going to raise drones you foundation freaks. :D LOL I don't get much of this being foundationless.
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    Re: Is this a queen cell

    Since it's surrounded by drone cells and still basically pointing out instead of down. I think it's just another drone cell. Those rascally bees they'll shove drones anywhere they can.
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    Re: Bending aluminum for telescoping covers?

    You either buy a professional bender or you can make one with a 2X4 and cut a groove down one corner. You place the aluminum in the kerf and bend away.
  12. Thread: oxalic acid

    by rweakley

    Re: oxalic acid

    Generally I agree with you, but the way OA works to kill the mites is more of a physical thing than a chemical thing. I'm pretty sure it's hard for the mites to become used to having their mouth...
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    Re: Is Carmack bee supply closed?

    Well that just sucks... I loved his screened bottom boards. I'd bought from him twice..l.
  14. Re: The 'queen excluder' synonymous with a 'honey excluder!'

    I generally don't use them for their intended purpose (keep queens out of the honey supers). I use them for keeping the queen in the hive (new swarm) or I've used them for combining laying worker...
  15. Re: Crush & strain-nylon cheesecloth, plastic mesh filter, stainless steel mesh filte

    Keep in mind that the pollen in your honey is a GOOD thing that differentiates it from the stuff at the store. If you want to get all the pollen out and I don't know why you would, you'd have to...
  16. Re: Foundationless Frame Turned into Drones Comb

    Maybe you just have retarded bees or a failing queen. I am 100% foundationless and they only time I have drones when I shouldn't is laying worker or failing queen.
  17. Thread: Spring Nucs

    by rweakley

    Re: Spring Nucs

    My overwintered nucs are too valuable to sell in the spring. Would I rather have $150 or the exploding resources that this nuc will supply, or perhaps upsupering with a 5 frame and then splitting. 2...
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    Re: Package install in foundationless hive

    If you hang the queen cage properly oriented, then it's not as big a deal. I just use a foundationless frame (from wedgetop), I put the side of the queen cage up against the top bar and zip tie it...
  19. Re: Foundationless frames for the foundationless of knowledge?

    Follow the rules. :) here is my video on youtube:

    The only difference is you need to keep a closer eye on a brand new...
  20. Re: Foundationless Frame Turned into Drones Comb

    I only have Lang hives so that's what I was referring to. Your mileage may vary because bees are different from place to place, just think about propolyis some hives bring in a ton and some hardly...
  21. Re: Foundationless Frame Turned into Drones Comb

    The previous responses pretty much nail the situation you are facing. Bees want a certain percentage drone comb in the hive as well as a certain percentage of drones themselves in the hive based on...
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    Re: Western Bee Supply - outrageous shipping costs!

    I find that the only time it makes sense to order from western bee supply is when I bundle with other beekeepers and get the order big enough to have it sent truck instead of UPS. Sad because I'm a...
  23. Re: Protecting the queen while reinforcing weak hive

    As long as the queens in the weak hives are actively laying I don't think you'll have a problem. I've taken a laying queen on the frame she was laying on with the attached workers and placed it into...
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    Re: Drawbacks to using small cell

    No his experience is not unique. I am foundationless only so my bees are "natural size" what ever that is for my area. (altitude and latitude dependent). I've lost hives this winter, but everyone...
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    Re: trees for bees

    I have more success when planting tulip poplars when I put a few handfuls of the miracle grow moisture control into the hole with the sapling. Tulip poplars seem to be very drought sensitive. The...
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