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    Re: Good synthetic gloves?

    What do you guys think about these: 8mil and not black...
  2. Re: Introducing a new product from the innovators at Rockhouse Apiaries

    Now this is a most ingenius April 1 post. Well done!
  3. Thread: Dead Hive!

    by rweaver7777

    Re: Dead Hive!

    I had this happen year before this past winter. Bees in the hive, had one of our cold cold snaps, then next week they were dead. Hadn't treated for varroa in the fall. I suspect they didn't have...
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    Re: Is starvation really starvation?

    Agreed on this. If it gets cold here, I want my bees having a food source they huddle up against at the top of the frames. But everyone else is 1,000,000% correct, to have a strong hive going into...
  5. Re: Inspection and swarm prevention questions

    1. No.
    2. You need to practice SOME type of swarm prevention until swarm season is over. You did a little by swapping your boxes. Now it is time for Checkerboarding, Opening Sides of Brood Nest,...
  6. Re: Combine queenless swarm with new split?

    A double-screen board will do the same as the newspaper but it is more work. If you have one laying around and want to use it.
  7. Re: Getting bees NEXT spring - how to become sustainable?

    This is the best thing you could possibly do to fast-forward your learning.
  8. Re: Getting bees NEXT spring - how to become sustainable?

    Your DWV has almost a 100% chance of being a result of untreated varroa infestations.
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    Re: Thrown into the Fray!

    I tried to cut it horizontally to fit snugly but I did not succeed most times. Should have held a frame up to where I was cutting as a guide and I would have done a better job.
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    Re: Thrown into the Fray!

    I didn't post the end result because I lost track of this post. Here's what happened.

    We did the cutout from the inside of the building, cutting the panelling. Got 1/2 of a 5 gal bucketful of...
  11. Re: Puzzling hive, possibly queenless? What can I try that I haven't already?

    The last inspection prior to combining showed no laying workers and no queen. Attrition was happening with the warm weather. At least they had a few good last days foraging for a good queenright...
  12. Opening sides of broodnest - mostly drone comb?

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I think I have a handle on managing the swarming by providing space for the queen to lay (i.e., to not allow backfilling to take over the brood nest). Regardless of the...
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    Re: Best Topical for Bee Sting

    Mine itch up a storm the day after for about 3 days. Any advice on this phenomenon? I can handle the sting itself.
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    Re: foundationless frames

    N-Y-Y also. Bees like foundationless frames and mine get drawn perfectly with just a starter strip.
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    Re: Grafting vs. Punching

    I only need queens for a few nucs and my current 4 hives. Not to sell. Just for sustainability (can you tell I've been Palmering? That's when one routinely watches youtube videos by MP...)
  16. Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporization - Questions and Answers

    I'm sorry, I read it and I must have missed the answer about OA dissipation after deposition on the hive surfaces.
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    Grafting vs. Punching

    My hands shake a bit and I don't think I could graft without killing everything I touch.

    Is there a reason I couldn't punch cells and put them on the frame?

    What are the pros/cons? Should I...
  18. Re: How long Before Queen lays in new comb ?

    I carried one of those $3 led flashlights (about 1x4 inches) to look for eggs this past weekend and it worked wonders. You might try that. Even with my old eyes I could see clearly to the bottom of...
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    Re: ordering supplies and long wait times...

    I personally didn't mind a delay, AS LONG AS THEY WOULD HAVE TOLD ME ABOUT IT. I ordered from Kelleys a month ago and they said it would be a week or so to ship, but as far as I can tell it is just...
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    Re: North AL/Southern TN folks??!??!!

    Agree with this for this area too. Capped drone but none hatched yet. I am doing swarm management so I don't expect any queen cells.
  21. Re: Puzzling hive, possibly queenless? What can I try that I haven't already?

    I wanted to give an update. We closed up the cutout hive and using a double-screen board combined it with one of the other hives. Going through every frame with a flashlight, I saw no eggs from...
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    Re: Booming to dead in 5 weeks

    Looks like starvation. I use Lauri's sugar blocks on top and all mine made it through the winter. MAQS done in Sept/Oct (it stays hot here until then).
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    Dead Out a possible swarm trap?

    Our little colony of bees in a wood duck box at our house looks to be dead. We were going to cut it out after the last cold spell but I think they ran out of stores.

    What to do now? Will the wax...
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    Re: Hive Entrance Direction

    I face them where 1) cold winter winds aren't blowing directly in the entrance, and where 2) rain isn't blown in the entrance. Probably very localized. I can't imagine why sun on the front vs. the...
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    Re: Split or not

    OP asked about splitting, not swarming, which is why I asked the question. As for swarm management, splitting is not the only way to do that.
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