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  1. Re: How can I improve my supersedure requeening results?

    Thanks for the advice everyone. In the supercedure number I am including four walk away splits where the colony had to create their own queen and two instances where the hive created a queen and...
  2. How can I improve my supersedure requeening results?

    In the last season I had 12 hives attempt to supersede their queen and six of them failed. This seems like a terrible percentage to me. As far as my set-up is concerned, all hives are painted...
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    Re: cut comb minis!

    Like he said, be sure to freeze the comb before serving. Freezing will kill any hive beetle or wax moth eggs or larvae.
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    Re: Sourwood flow in NE Tenn/SW VA

    I went through my hives last night. It was a poor year but I've seen worse. The hives are averaging about 1/2 super each. The frames that have honey are nowhere near full. The taste and color...
  5. Re: Advice needed - how to market different color honeys

    Thanks for the replies. I've finished putting all the honey in five gallon buckets and it looks like I'll have a dark bucket, a light bucket, and five blended buckets. It'll work its way out. In...
  6. Advice needed - how to market different color honeys

    For the first time since I started beekeeping a few years ago I have different colors of spring honey from two different locations. One location is very dark. The other is light. In the past these...
  7. Re: Full of bees, honey and no eggs, larva or brood


    This is very useful information and its the first time I've heard it. Thanks for sharing. I have several queenless hives now and do see many open cells in the brood area when I inspect.
  8. Was this a swarm with a virgin queen or just mating flight excitement?

    On April 11, I split a colony by taking the old queen and three frames of honey, pollen and brood. I left the mother hive to make their own queen. Today the mother hive started acting like they...
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    Re: Tragedy Strikes the BeeBee Tree World

    So sorry for your loss Oliver. Your tree's offspring are sprouting in Virginia though for the second year! The spirit lives on...
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    Re: Did you lose any hives this winter

    I lost 1 of 14. The cluster got too small to survive the cold in the one that failed. It was a split from last year that battled queen problems most of the summer. It finally got queenright August...
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    Re: Overwintered first look?

    You're welcome. Are you making a medium mating nuc because you will be taking out medium frames? I have put medium frames in a deep box and it doesn't hurt anything if you have deep frames on each...
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    Re: Overwintered first look?

    If they are out of stores in the top box it's likely the queen is laying in there and the bees are in that same box with the brood. That's what I've been seeing here. You may see them in the next...
  13. Re: The State of Virginia is now paying for people to take up Beekeeping

    I received some of this grant money and was contacted by the apiary inspector. I have an appointment to meet with her tomorrow. Sounds like they're just making sure I put the hives into use. Has...
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    Re: I've got 1600 lbs of honey, now what?

    I had 500 pounds to sell this year and my wife took a picture and put it on her facebook page. It's been moving steadily since.

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    Re: Varroa Mite Treatment

    Allan, how often do you treat like this? Has anyone tested to see what the actual kill rate is? This seems like a very good recipe.
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    Re: Varroa Mite Treatment

    Apiguard is underappreciated. It works great, it's easy to handle with no special protective equipment, when you buy it by the tub it's reasonably priced, no pesticides with a long half-life to...
  17. What's the best wintering configuration for small hives

    I have a couple of swarms and splits that never grew out of a single deep hive body this year. The hives are heavy and strong though. A hive will survive a winter here on just 1-10 frame deep. ...
  18. Re: Phrases I just wouldn't have expected to say till I started beekeeping

    I have to get my honey off this weekend.


    I have to work my honey up this weekend.
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    Re: The joys of buckwheat

    BerkeyDavid, is that acreage enough to generate a surplus of buckwheat honey?
  20. Re: How regularly do queens stop laying when nectar stops coming back to the hive?

    I'm seeing the same thing. Hives are tapering back on brood.

    The queen will also shut down completely if the stores in the hive get below 10 pounds or so. If you ever see one hive without brood...
  21. Re: Possible Wax moth in hive needing re-queening

    First, seeing a wax moth does not mean you have damage. I see wax moths all of the time and good strong hives will clean out all wax moth eggs and larvae before they have a chance to damage the...
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    Re: Can anyone identify this bee?

    I think it is really called a yellow jacket hover fly but I've always heard it called a "news bee". Southern folklore says that as it is hovering and buzzing it is telling you the news. I remember...
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    Re: Why do I not see Sumac yet?

    I believe Tree of Heaven honey darkens my sourwood. When I have a weak sourwood flow the honey brought in during that time has an "earthy" taste. Yes, it taste like dirt. The old timers here call...
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    Re: How is the sourwood so far?

    It's been a good year here. I noticed the first blooms opening on June 19 but they ignored them until about July 1. In the next 10 days they really put it away. We're 4 weeks after first bloom and...
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    Re: Are You In The Closet?

    Why am I incognito? This was my first forum and didn't know what to expect when I signed up. I have noticed that I respect the opinions more of people who are willing to put their name out there...
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