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  1. Thread: Stripes

    by Mike Gillmore

    Re: Stripes

    I noticed the same racing stripe on a lot of my bees this past weekend. Japanese Knotweed just started blooming heavy, wonder it that's where they are picking it up.
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    Re: Yellow jackets

    If all else fails, see if one of your local pest control companies sells Apicide powder. After dark, when all the YJ's are in the nest, shoot the powder into the entrance. Over the next couple of...
  3. Re: Best start time for an OA vaporization series?

    Head out to your yard early in the morning and get there just before you start to see daylight. Plug up all the entrances so no bees can leave as dawn arrives. If there are a lot of bees bearding, a...
  4. Re: What's the best wintering configuration for small hives

    No, not really a down side. Sugar is just a more efficient use of my time to accomplish the same objective.

    With newspaper and sugar it takes about 30 seconds to add it to the top bars. Later, if...
  5. Re: What's the best wintering configuration for small hives

    Either way will work. Available resources might sway me to use one set up over the other.

    If I had extra drawn frames in reserve for next spring I would leave them in the 10 frame box for winter....
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    Re: Anyone else keepng a log book?

    devil dog,

    It's great that you have started to keep an inspection log. I find my notes invaluable .... the old memory is not what it used to be and I've avoided a lot mistakes after referring back...
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    Re: Do I understand this correctly ?

    This narrows things down quite a bit. If your colony survives the winter you can do a split in the spring, removing the queen and a few frames of brood and stores, and let the mother hive produce...
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    Re: weight of three mediums

    Should be very close to the weight of 2 deeps.
    I live in a similar climate and like to have about 80 lbs of honey + the weight of the boxes going into winter.
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    Re: Do I understand this correctly ?

    Terry C

    Queen rearing can become as complicated as "rocket science", or it can be a very easy procedure. It depends on your specific goals.

    If your intent is to become a queen breeder, do lots...
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    Re: Mite season is here!

    Hey Glock, this sounds very promising.

    As a check on your alcohol wash results I wonder if you might be willing to try an OAV on just 1 hive and see what your mite count looks like. Just out of...
  11. Re: When should I take my supers off to prepare for winter?

    Angel, I would follow the lead of your other local beekeepers. If they are experienced and successful, do what they do. Try to get in touch with some local beekeepers and ask lots of questions so you...
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    Re: Bees seem runny but not aggressive?

    Just curious, what strain of queen did you purchase, and where did it come from?
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    Re: finding queens with three mediums

    Bruce, if I were to move brood frames up as you described I would probably move 3 or 4 brood frames up just to be sure I had enough bees for the test. I would not want to have to go back and repeat...
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    Re: finding queens with three mediums

    If you don't want to take any chances and want to be "absolutely certain" the queen does not end up damaged in the sugar jar your idea sounds great to me. Yes, it's an extra step and takes a little...
  15. Re: Is early August too late to start a split in the northeast?

    That's what I would shoot for too, a double nuc for wintering. You could start right now putting together a single, and over the next month or so slowly take a frame here and there from your other...
  16. Re: What to do with queenless hive this fall?

    Doing a combine during a dearth might actually be more of a setback than a benefit. At a time when brood rearing has tapered off, and they are trying to conserve their stores, it adds more mouths to...
  17. Re: Is early August too late to start a split in the northeast?

    Can you provide additional information on the donor hive. What you will be starting the split with, as far as drawn comb and brood, and what will you leave with the donor hive?

    Feeding is great,...
  18. Re: What to do with queenless hive this fall?

    If the hive is full of bees, and you are sure it's queenless, I would spend a few bucks and order a queen right away instead of waiting to do something this fall. If you get a good mated queen in...
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    Re: Started fogging today.

    Wow, that is a loaded post. ;)

    For each question above I've seen entire threads devoted to discussion and debate. I hope you get some good feedback, but if not it might be because it's difficult...
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    Re: Time to start thinking about winter.

    My advice would be to spend some time with the beekeepers in your area who have had untreated hives for 4 years. Try to get queen stock from their colonies, and pick the beekeepers brains so you can...
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    Re: Too Late to Make Nuc's?

    If you don't plan on buying mated queens it would be best to have the donor hive raise the new queen, and move the original queen to the nuc. I agree with Ray, minimum foundation is best at this time...
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    Re: Too Late to Make Nuc's?


    How many colonies do you have now that you plan to take resources from?

    I think if you have several strong hives you plan on using to piece together a couple of nucs it should work...
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    Re: SHB populations low this year?

    I've had the same experience here. I know it was a brutal winter, but I think that may have wiped out most of the SHB larvae in the ground with a frost line in excess of 2' deep. Haven't seen one yet...
  24. Re: Will leaving an empty super on my new hives cause problems?

    In your Fall flow, with Goldenrod and Aster, don't expect them to be drawing much comb. At that time of year they will not be wasting any resources on comb building, but will be filling every cell...
  25. Re: Frustrated, did you all go this slow on the learning curve???

    I'm also interested in your new plan moving forward. Would like to hear your thoughts.

    Based on the information in the original post I would guess that you might need more drawn comb to insert...
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