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    Re: Bees under hive, normal or no?

    An update-
    I checked back the next morning and the bottom screen was clear. Inside the hive it looks like business as normal with a live laying queen. I had already clipped one of her wings last...
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    Bees under hive, normal or no?

    About a week ago my hive got robbed, but it looks like we're all good on that now. My concern now is that for the past few days I've noticed a lot of dead bees below the hive, probably several...
  3. Please help me identify this problem. (pics)

    I just opened the hives today to feed and medicate for the spring, was greeted in one hive by a pretty grim picture. As I looked down through the gaps between frames, I noticed that between the three...
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    Hello from Denver

    I am a second year beekeeper raising two hives just west of downtown Denver. I am enjoying this new hobby to the fullest, and even have a friend starting two hives of his own this spring.
    We have...
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