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  1. Re: question about Bacillus thuringiensis Thuricide

    Well I have used Thuricide for over 20 years and it really works for me so I will continue to use it.
  2. Re: question about Bacillus thuringiensis Thuricide

    Thuricide works real good! When a wax worm hatches and starts to eat on your comb he will only go just a little short way and die.The bees will fix that small hole as good as new and it does not harm...
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    Re: Wax moth and wax moth larvae

    I have been using Bt to keep wax moth larvae down.I will see a small short skip by one here and there and they are dead and gone.Since I started back using it on the whole combs I have noticed no...
  4. Re: Good source for tree, weed, grass identification

    There is some scrub brush around here and I have never found anyone that has a name for it but I did find it in your link.Now I know what it is and what to call it other than the names I cant mention...
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    Re: Corn and Soy dust

    I kind of have doubts on corn and soy dust being the culprit as corn and soy dust has been around much longer than CCD has.
  6. Re: The Carniolan is not a proficient comb builder

    I have had carniolans and liked them.Small winter clusters but when they started brood rearing they really took off.They went from small cluster to large hive in no time and on foundation also and I...
  7. Re: Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki VS Bacillus thuringiensis Aizawai for was moths

    Thuricide has both products the BT and BTK. BT gooooood stuff!!!!!
  8. I have got to change my dirty socks!!!!!!!

    Boy I can smell my dirty rotten socks!!!! The golden rod is in bloom here.I cant see any around my place but I know the bees have found it somewhere.When you start smelling rotten socks around your...
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    Re: will these bees make the winter

    I have winter some here in the very south of Arkansas with no problems.Just make sure they have some good stores.With our weather you can still feed during winter since we have lots of warn days...
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    Re: Sickeningly "sweet" hive smell

    The bees are working on something other than what the other hives are.
  11. Re: Advice on reusing frames after wax moth damage

    Here is what you need to think about before you reuse them.Why did wax moths destroy them in the first place???? Was it from some disease or was it a queen that wasnt up to par to keep enough bees to...
  12. Thread: hot honey

    by snapper1d

    Re: hot honey

    I have heard that bees will make some hot honey from pepper grass but I am not sure if the work it.
  13. Re: see pic..hive had no bees.. this is what i found..

    After you pull them out of the freezer spray with bt and you wont have to worry about wax worms.Then when you add new foundation an frames spray them with bt also.
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    Re: Harvesting from feral hive?

    Contact the land owner.If you cant you can go to your county assessor office or land office which ever you have and get the physical address of the owner.Then ask for permission to harvest the tree...
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    Re: Odd bee...havior re: my mother in law

    Or wife either!!!!!
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    Re: Odd bee...havior re: my mother in law

    That's nice.You have a sweet mother in law.I wasnt so lucky on mother in laws!!!!!!!!
  17. Re: SHB trap - new thing on the market (australia)

    I have tried it.I cant say if it worked or not but I think it did.I could see that they had eaten on it but I could not see dead beetles.I think that it did work because I couldnt see any beetles in...
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    Re: Extracting honey question!!

    I have opened the door on the honey house the next day and just let the bees clean everything up.They only took a day and they were gone.
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    Re: Found a 12 frame extractor for free.

    Send it to me and I will give you your money back on it!!! My luck they would of just gave me the skunk and I never would of gotten paid!!!
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    Re: Selling Honey Bees for a living

    Hey Beerman I will take about 50 of your bees right now for a $1 each but I only want queens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Selling Honey Bees for a living

    If you sold nucs you probably sell all you had right where you are at.
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    Re: New Cottage law in Florida??

    I think it is OK.It gives the small hobbyist a chance to sell his honey with out the high cost of having to build a bottling house.The health dept says that the sugar content will not let bacteria...
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    Re: solvent to clean beeswax

    Hold it over the burner just a second and then wipe it off with paper towel and go on about your business.It only takes a few seconds and no solvents on your tool.
  24. Re: What's wrong with eating honey made from sugar syrup?

    I think it was a good question!!!!!!
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    Re: Building your drawn comb stock pile..

    Thats right! Its a one time treatment.You will know it still works as one day you will see a tiny wax moth larvae dead on the combs with only a tiny amount of damage.
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