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  1. Re: Do NOT start another "Honey Flow" thread!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Making Splits with a purchased queens

    No, you are not mistaken.
    You have a very sound, proven, procedure.
    We have a 98% acceptance rate year after year following a very simple, straight forward procedure that mirrors yours:

    1) DO...
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    Re: Minnesota Hygienic Queens

    Any queens that I have purchased that were bred for mite resistance were junk.
    Don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but that is the truth.
    And the more intensely they were managed for mite issues the...
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    Re: Copper Naphthenate Questions

    Now THAT was funny!!
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    Re: "Fringe Genetics"

    Yes. Assuming bee characteristics follow a "normal" distribution is out on the VERY FRINGE.
    Beekeeping is not process control.

    Why not apply Ohm's law to our hives?
    Yes, how much force can a...
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    Re: New gas NMC 1K loader

    Yeah, more torch!
    That is something we all need in our new machines!
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    Re: Bees plugged out in the almonds

    So, who's hives did a better job this year pollinating almonds?
    Did the beekeepers that signed an 8 frame average contract and delivered just that do well?
    Or, did the guys that delivered double...
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    Re: Bees plugged out in the almonds

    I have been pollinating for the same grower for 11 years in Butte and Glenn county.
    Every year I watch carefully for the first bloom that I see and note the date.
    Last year was the earliest;...
  9. Re: Almond Pollination: Would you say there is a legitimate shortage of bees?

    That's one hive more than YOU, Keith.
    Not us.....
    .....and don't forget the opinion part.

  10. Re: Dead hive, I will never understand

    When a colony dies, there is one more valuable thing that it provides the beekeeper; an education.
    We suggest that you invite the most knowledgeable and experienced beekeeper that you can find, to...
  11. Re: Almond Pollination: Would you say there is a legitimate shortage of bees?

    This may be rude to say, but when varroa first showed up in the US, some viewed it a blessing because it immediatly ended "marginal" beekeeping operations.
    Are we in a second wave of that?
    Are we...
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    Re: What is the purpose of a Nuc

    Lots of good answers.
    Along with everything else is the aspect of portability.
    When you need to fix a hive in a different location, nucs are so easy to move.
    Just stuff a pinch of grass in the...
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    Re: Table Saw Score!

    I burned up my last saw and went shopping.
    Couldn't find anything that looked like it would last.
    A friend of mine's dad sold me the exact same saw that you bought, dado blade, plywood blade, and...
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    They do sell frames.
    And yes, they are very, very busy.
    Bullseye, I thought I was the only one so OCD as to sort and grade boards! I do it the same as you.

    I first heard about them after...
  15. Re: Yellow Jacket Wasps and Hornet problems!

    You bring up some good points to think about and work around.
  16. Re: Yellow Jacket Wasps and Hornet problems!

    I haven't used it yet.
    You really need to CAREFULLY read all if the information from the Alpine Bait Station:
    Click on each bar down...
  17. Re: Yellow Jacket Wasps and Hornet problems!

    We really got hammered with yellow jackets last fall.
    We ain't guuna take it no more!

    So a few of us purchased Onslaught insecticide with the Alpine baiting stations to use this fall in our...
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    Re: Best label printer for the buck

    Take a look at Primera Technologies.
    I think ours is the 800 or 900.
    And forget the quote routine.
    Buy the best printer you can afford, not the cheapest piece of junk.
    Also we use BOP labels....
  19. Re: Punctuality in the Workplace; Excuses, Excuses

    Yes. You make perfect sense.
    But you may be mixing up things a bit.

    As was stated before, some jobs do not revolve around the clock.
    If the boss or the job does not require a strict schedule;...
  20. Re: Great Randy Oliver Post from Bee-L on Honey Bees and Smoke

    This is one beekeeping skill that is honed and tuned into over time.
    Time of the season, status of nectar flow, temperature and other conditions all have to be considered.
    There is no replacement...
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    Re: Best Bottling tank?

    It's too bad that you can't set them side by side and compare.
    If you could, there would be absolutely no question in your mind that the Maxant tanks are of the highest quality.
    Two things jump out...
  22. Re: Punctuality in the Workplace; Excuses, Excuses

    So you asked for opinions; here's mine:
    There was very little useful information in the article.
    It was as if the article was written for the employees, not management.

    The first real issue to...
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    Re: Spray Sugar Water instead of Smoke

    Wendell, the problem is, you have to be able to spray the spray for it to have any effect.
    When you walk up to a hive and CRACK the lid loose, it is already too late!
    The idea of smoke is to...
  24. Re: The pulse of the commercial operations

    What is going on is, only bad news is good news for the media.
  25. Re: When are my package bees no longer a 'package'?

    That right there qualifies as post of the day; maybe year to date!
    So very, very true!
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